St. Marks Street Festival

After our shopping and lunch stop, Amanda and I had the wild idea to just start walking back towards work/Port Authority.  It’s a good 60 blocks, but since both of us were rocking our TOMS (Amanda just got hers and was very excited), we figured we could take on the challenge.  We started to walk straight up Broadway, since it’s diagonal and began our adventure.  As soon as we hit St. Marks, we regretted our earlier meal, even though it was delicious.

We bought cute old pocket watch necklaces, well Amanda bought for me (she’s the best!)  And then proceeded to check out the food.  Amanda LOVES grape leaves, as do I.  So even with full stomachs, we had to get one.

They were delicious, melt in your mouth, authentic kind.  There really is something extra enjoyable about food on the street on a warm day.  We contemplated buying a hummus plate to bring home, but both realized we were not going back home after our walk, which would have been a waste.  For our next adventure.  We then “ooh-ed” and “ahh-ed” over everything else.  Here’s a little sample of all that we saw and wanted to eat.

Point is.  With an empty stomach.. EXPLORE!  There is even more to Manhattan then the amazing, New York Magazine Critic’s Picks restaurants.  Because sometimes the best things are found when you least expect it!

XO,GSt. Marks Street – New York, NY

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