Bouchon Bakery

During a tour a few months back, standing in studio 1A, the home of the Today Show, tears filled in the eyes of one of the tourists.  I thought he was so moved by the greatness that is the studio, but instead, his eyes were glued right across the Plaza.  Not at the Christmas Tree.  Not at 30 Rock.  But at Bouchon Bakery.  That’s right.  True story.

He said the only one he had ever seen was in California and his experience was life-changing.  It took me a bit, and many more pay checks to make my way across the Plaza, but for once, a tourist was right.  Bouchon Bakery is awesome.

Recently, they have unveiled a new lunch special combo.  Small soup, half sandwich and any size hot or cold beverage of your choice for $11.95.  Makes the splurge a bit more reasonable since there are so many components.  I had introduced my interns last week, and she was now hooked.  So today, we ventured outside to Bouchon.

The soup of the day was Lentil, which I love.  The soups are not your average pot of soup, its complex flavors and savory bits could be a meal in itself.  I never feel as if I need to test out the soup like so many other places in 30 Rock, I knew it was going to be a winner.

(Lentils, Carrots, Potatoes, Parsley)

My absolute FAVORITE dish at Bouchon is the Tuna Salad Sandwich.  It sounds so simple (and is normally not what I would ever order anywhere), but trust me.  It will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting to spend the $11.95 every single day of the week.  And lucky for me, Bouchon does not have calorie counts so I never feel badly eating this sandwich from heaven.

(Tuna Salad, Kalmata Olive Spread, Butter Lettuce, Red Onion, Mayo, Ciabatta Roll)

I cannot even put into words the smile that appears on my face after each messy bite.  The olives, crunchy but soft inside roll, with the little crunch of lettuce and onion and then the tuna.  It is fabulous, delicious and filling all at once.  Just wow.  No explanation will be able to fully put into words the amazing sandwich.  Go.  Just Go.  I promise, pinky promise, it will not let you down.  And get a fork on the side, because some of the tuna will fall off and you do not want any to go to waste.

And as an iced coffee addict, I have that to finish off the meal and enjoy for a bit of the day.  Yummm!  And they have big ice cubes which is always so fun.

Enjoy!  Love Bouchon!  And the pastries always look so amazing.  For the next blog!  Also, coming up sometime soon, the grilled cheese.  Their grilled cheese and tomato soup combo is to die for and super gooey.  Plus, it comes in great reusable tupperware.  Environmental and delicious (my mom would be happy to hear that).  Happy lunching.

Bouchon Bakery – 1 Rockefeller Plaza – New York, NY
Bouchon Bakery
Price: $$
Location: Rockefeller Plaza, Time Warner Center
Type: French, Bistro
Perfect For: Take-Out, Quick Bite
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary
Favorite Dishes: Tuna Salad Sandwich, Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup Combination



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