Liberty Deli

If you work in 30 Rock, chances are, you’ve been to Liberty Deli.  And if you haven’t, that needs to change.  Hidden past the Starbucks and Subway, Liberty Deli makes some of the best, inexpensive food in Manhattan.  I have a serious weakness for their breakfast and tend to run into at least one Page (cough, David, cough) every morning I venture downstairs.

They offer everything, like any good New York deli should.  Salad Bar, awesome sandwiches, soups, smoothies. You name it. They have it.  And everything can be customized to your liking.  And did I mentioned they have the best prices in the building?  $6.99 for a chopped salad with unlimited toppings and fresh ingredients.  Get out of here Just Salad, never again will I pay $12 for a 4 topping vegetable medley in an environmental bowl that I need to wash and clean myself.

But my favorite time to visit Liberty Deli is during the early morning hours.  Breakfast.  I must give Liberty Deli tons of credit for helping me survive those difficult mornings of work where a good breakfast made with real eggs and a lot of TLC is 100% necessary to get through the day.

They have a wide variety of breakfast selections.  I tend to switch off between breakfast sandwich and an egg white omelet with feta, onions, spinach and mushrooms.  This morning was a breakfast sandwich kind of day.

(Fried Egg, Bacon, Multigrain Roll – dry)

Now this is heaven.  For $2.99, I couldn’t be any happier or satisfied.  Plus, this sandwich is a hangover, tired cure like no other.  They encase the bacon in the egg, so you get a perfectly balanced bite every time.  Plus, I love that they have multigrain rolls, so even when I’m totally going carb-crazy, I still feel as if I have a bit of nutrition.  They toast the bun to that perfect almost burnt, but not quite, color, and it gives the perfect crunch with the bacon.  My mouth waters in anticipation.  They wrap the sandwich up in a little paper bag and I head back to work.  Of course, I grab an iced coffee, which is already made by the time I step through the door.  Yes, I am there that often.  They know large black iced-coffee, one sweet-n-low.

It’s the perfect morning pick-me-up before a long, fun day at the office.



Liberty Deli – 30 Rockefeller Plaza (Concourse) – New York, NY

Liberty Deli
Price: $
Location: Midtown West
Type: Deli 
Perfect For: Cheap Eats, Take Out, Quick Bite
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary/Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Breakfast Sandwich

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