On Saturday, my food adventures took me to an uncharted territory; Brooklyn.  I ventured across the river to Williamsburg for Smorgasburg.  Part of Brooklyn Flea, this hidden gem is beyond unbelievable.  A market of food, and only food.  It’s open from 11am to 6pm, but going earlier is definitely beneficial since many of the stands tend to run out of food.

The market is right off the L train, making it much easier to get there from Manhattan then expected.  It was everything I could have dreamed of and more.  The majority, if not all, of the food is locally made and organic.  All of the store owners are so wonderful and passionate about all of the products they make.  And best of all, most of the stands have samples.

I ended up leaving with some fabulous, unique goodies.  Here’s a highlight some of my favorites.

D’Vine & Olive

The oil and vinegars are to die for.  Most of the balsamic vinegars were infused with fruits.  I happened to love the Fig Balsamic.  The woman working the stand had already blending the fig balsamic with one of the olive oils.  It was the Persian Lime.  And the combination was pure perfection.  They take credit cards (thank goodness) and I was able to purchase the two.  I hope to remake the perfect blend of acidic lime olive oil and sweet fig vinegar.

Takumi Taco

Meal time.  I had such a hard time deciding what I actually wanted to eat, and ultimately decided on the Japanese taco.  It was their first day open at Smorgasburg and I was happy to support their first day endeavors.  I went for the short rib taco and was not disappointed.  The ribs are marinated in Sapporo, which is a winner in itself.  Then on top of the taco was a little bit of light yogurt sauce, that seemed to have a hint of cucumber.  The cabbage and sesame seeds created a perfect little crunch.  And then the little bits of scallion on top.  Plus squeezing the little lime was the perfect bite of acidity.  It was delicious.

Grady’s Cold Brew

I am a self-proclaimed iced coffee addict.  So any time I see it made with such dedication and care, I need to try.  Grady’s infuses their iced coffee concentrate with chicory, giving it that perfect earthy feel.  After purchasing my cup, they recommended I try the coffee without any sweetener since it’s usually perfect as is.  And boy were they right.  It was so delicious and smooth.  The perfect refreshment on a hot summer day, and compliment to all of the other amazing samples.

Raaka: Virgin Chocolate

Mainly dark chocolate, each of the bars are infused with some kind of fun variation.  One of the most unique flavors was Vanilla Roobis, which had such a nice tea undertone.  I loved the coffee chocolate since I think that’s one of the best combinations.  It’s so dark and cut through with the hint of espresso flavor.  The man working the stand said they have tons of chocolate and wine/beer pairing parties which sounds so fun and different!

S’More: Bakery and Cafe
S’More takes the traditional campfire staple to a whole new, ultimate level.  Their clever naming of the sandwiches, including “sm’orgasm,” brings to life the fun and whit that comes with these traditional campfire treats.  Everything is completely homemade, including their own homemade graham crackers and vanilla bean marshmallows.  They have a blowtorch to toast the ‘mallow to perfection and drizzle a touch of salted caramel sauce or chocolate ganache on top and completing the s’more to pure perfection.
Runner & Stone: Bakery and Restaurant
Pure perfection.  This fig bread is to die for.  There are huge chunks of fig in each bite of the bread.  This local bakery does not have a store front yet, and is trying hoping to get off the ground soon.  They are sure to be a huge success with all different bread types.  I absolutely love it.

Slant Shack Jerky
Now jerky is not usually my cup of tea, but this stuff is awesome.  The guys that work here are so cool and they are definitely on the rise as a well known company.  They’re hoping to be featured on Food Network soon, so keep an eye out.  They have a few awesome flavors available for samples.  I ultimately purchased the Hot & Spicy for my dad.  But if you go to their website, you can create any flavor of your choosing.  Such a fun play on such a traditional snack.
Smorgasburg represents the perfect summer activity, eating homemade, local food on the water, staring at the Manhattan skyline.  There were so many more delicious things to try that it is not a place you can just go once.  Venders constantly change and newbies make their mark weekly.  This food festival is somethings special.
As a result, I went a bit camera crazy.  Below are some more photos of the inciting and delicious booths.  I loved-loved-loved my time at Smorgasburg; expect more pictures throughout the summer.


Smorgasburg – East River – Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Biscotti Di Vecchio

Krumville Bake Shop

The Goat Cheese Zuccini Frittata was to die for.  Oh wow.  Definitely a highlight of the samples on my wonderful adventure.  They make different specials each week so it will be fun to see what they create for my next visit!

The Good Batch

The Cookie Guild

Morris Kitchen
Anarchy in a Jar
Brooklyn Oyster Party

Brooklyn Soda Works

Lush Candy, Co.
Rick’s Picks
McClure’s Pickles
(“Schlepping Pickles around All Day”)

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