Vino Volo

With the rise of people striving to be foodies in every aspect of their daily lives, high traffic venues are stepping up their game.  Going from a habitual traveler, to someone not leaving New York, with the exception of a bus ride to New Jersey, I was pleasantly surprised with the flurry of options when I stepped into Terminal C of Newark Airport on a Friday afternoon.  Gone were the days of gross prepackaged sandwiches and smelly men at the only sports bar.

I settled on Vino Volo.  A wine and tapas bar (in the airport, crazy!) complete with plush big seats and tons of outlets.  A travelers dream.  I sat down and glanced over the completely reasonably priced menu.  Every food dish had the option of a small or large (half or full sandwich), leaving you the ability to have a little bite and pay a fraction of the price.  I ordered a glass of Pinot Grigio and the sandwich suggested to pair well with the white wine.  I then continued reading Fifty Shades Darker (yes, I jumped onto that bandwagon), but on my Kindle, of course and waited for my food.

(Prosciutto, Brie, Fig Preserves, Arugula, Ciabatta)

I bit in and was really, pleasantly surprised.   The bread was fresh and crunchy.  The fig preserves had that perfect hint of sweetness and the brie was slightly melted.  It all came together with the saltiness of the prosciutto and then of course the freshness of the arugula.  It was the perfect little sandwich.  My feelings towards airport food has now changed, for the much, much better.

Safe travels!

GVino Volo – Newark International Airport, Terminal C – Newark, NJ

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