Deli @ Boca West Country Club

My mom tells the story about my young, joyful love of tongue sandwiches.  Yes, Tongue.  As I was munching away, she asked me if knew what animal the tongue was from.  I looked up, mouth full and responded, “chicken?”  My mom said no, guess again.  Taking another bite, I then said “human?”  My mom laughed at the site of my cannibalistic self, munching away, oblivious of the world before she finally told me that it was from a cow.  Cow’s Tongue.  Ever since, I have had a love affair with Tongue sandwiches.  Call me weird, call me adventurous, but until you try it, you really do not know what you are missing.

It has become a tradition to leave Boca with deli, always making the people on the plane super jealous.  We arrived at the club super early in order to have some time before the flight.  They had set up the Deli bar for dinner and Mur and I got first dibs on the delicious goodness.

Murray’s plate was overflowing and I just kindly requested tongue.  The individual cutting up the delicious pieces gave us the best parts, just at the base of cut.  He insisted I try some other meats as well, and I settled on corned beef and pastrami.  Putting a bit of cole slaw and Russian dressing on the side with my rye bread to create my perfect sandwich, I was all set.  And of course I grabbed a half-sour pickle for the side.

(In clockwise order: Tongue, Pastrami, and Corned Beef)

(Russian Dressing, Cole Slaw without Mayo, Half-Sour Pickles)

I carefully scoped out all of my components and began to create perfection.  I put a nice dose of the Russian Dressing on one piece of the Rye bread.  Then carefully placed 2 slices of tongue, in opposite directions, making it so you get a piece of each side of the animal in every bite.  A little bit of corned beef on top.  Then a heavy helping of cole slaw made its way into the equation.  And viola.

One big messy bite and it’s wonderful.  The crunch of the slaw, creamy richness of the tongue and the the little bite of the russian dressing.  It doesn’t get much better then this.

So the next time you’re at the deli, if you’ve got a bit of money  to spend, splurge.  Go big.  Get tongue.

Deli – Boca West Country Club – Boca Raton, FL
Deli @ Boca West Country Club
Price: $$
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Type: Deli 
Perfect For: Authentic DiningCasual Meal
Open: Everyday (for Lunch)
Reservations: Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Tongue, Pastrami, Corned Beef 

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