Gina La Fornarina

My friend, Lauren, and I met for dinner before a night out.  She has been babysitting a lot home and one of her employers had recommended a restaurant right up the street from me.  I knew my parents had been there before and I was very excited to try.

You can make a reservation on OpenTable, but not on the phone.  A little strange, but nonetheless we were seated right away.  The wait staff was super friendly and helpful.  We clinked our glasses over a bottle of wine and enjoyed a night of great company and laughs.

The bread and olive oil came out to start, even before we ordered, which I always think is a nice touch.  From having worked at a restaurant, I hate when they wait for you to order to bring over the snacks.  The bread came out in a really cute little paper bag.  I thought it was a fun, rustic touch, to a restaurant fully decorated with wine bottles and other adorable Italian decorations.

I wasn’t feeling too hungry, so I went light with the beef carpaccio crostinis.  Lauren decided to order the pesto gnocchi.

Mine came out and it was so light and refreshing.

(Beef Carpaccio, Shaved Parmesan, White Truffle Oil, and Parsley)

The presentation lacked the lack luster of a dish so delicious.  I didn’t really understand the purpose of the two little slices of tomatoes.  However, the carpaccio was layered think, with the drizzle of truffle oil on the bottle seeping into the bread.  Then the light, crispy parmesan cut through the fresh beef.  Delicious.  (And made for great left overs the next day!)

Lauren’s gnocchi looked delicious (she dug in before I could snap a picture!).  Oozing and covered in pesto.

It was a great meal.  Something light, fresh and fun.  There is also outdoor seating which must be wonderful in the summer.  I would definitely want to return to try some more of their delicious foods, especially pizza.  I was eyeing it across the table.



Gina La Fornarina – 279 Amsterdam Avenue – New York, NY

Gina La Fornarina 
Price: $$
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: Italian
Perfect For: Casual Meal, Outdoor Seating 
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Accepted via OpenTable
Favorite Dishes: Beef Carpaccio, Ricola Salad
Official Website

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