Popover Cafe (CLOSED)

The most fabulous, wonderful brunch spot in the city is Popover Cafe on 86th and Amsterdam.  Located right next to Barney Greengrass, this block is home two of the oldest, well known Manhattan institutions.  I happily skip right past the line at Barney Greengrass and put my name down at Popover.  There is typically a wait, but if you go at an off time you can get lucky and head right in.  But for an hour wait or so, it is still so worth it.

I met my friend from work, Marie, who finally moved right across the park and into the city!  We were so happy and excited to meet for brunch and Popover seemed like the most perfect place for us to love Manhattan together.  After getting a little bit of a weird comment about us distracting the staff standing outside by the host, we were finally seated.

I ordered a pomegranate mimosa and Marie went for the regular treat.

(Regular Mimosa – Pomegranate-Lime Mimosa)

The first sip was just so refreshing and what you needed on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  I ordered my absolute favorite dish there; Kobe Corned Beef Hash with eggs over easy.  It’s not what I usually order anywhere else other then at Popover.  And in anticipation of knowing what comes next, I was sure to ask for extra strawberry butter.

(Popover with Strawberry Butter)

This is one of the best treats about a brunch at Popover.  The icing is in the name.  The outside is so crispy and flakey.  But its the warm, light, eggy inside that makes this so special.  The inside is totally hallow.  When you break into it, the steam comes out and leaves you with a whiff of delicious, buttery goodness.  Then slathering the homemade strawberry butter on top, it slightly begins to melt.  Put it in your mouth and it is just pure, buttery strawberry goodness.  My mouth is salivating thinking about it.  And that’s not even the main course!

The hardest part about eating at Popover is saving room for what you actually ordered!  Finally my hash came out.

(Kobe Beef, Potatoes, Onions, Two Eggs Over Easy)

Breaking open the first yolk and mixing the potatoes, beef and yolk together, begins to create the most perfect bite.  I dive right in, enjoying ever bite.  The creamy potatoes, the bite of the corned beef and then the even creamier egg yolk creates the most delicious treat imaginable.  I dream about this dish regularly.  I never intend to finish the whole thing, but I keep finding myself just taking another little bite at a time.  Eventually, I’m just left with the grapes and orange which I finish also, leaving my palate feeling fresh and my belly full.

Marie ordered a creole scramble which looked delicious.  There are so many wonderful variations on classic dishes and endless options to try.  But if you find something you love, I think it’s okay to stick with it.  That’s why it’s fun to go with friends and see what unique dishes they will order.

Next time you are debating where to go for brunch, for a popover and some great hash, Popover Cafe is the place to be.  And make sure to always ask for extra strawberry butter.  I always sneak plenty into my purse, which make its way onto my English Muffins the next day for breakfast.



Popover Cafe – 551 Amsterdam Avenue – New York, NY

Popover Cafe
Price: $$
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: American (Traditional)
Perfect For: Chronic Brunch, Dining Solo, Casual Meal
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Kobe Corned Beef Hash
Official Website

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