Nice Matin

When it comes to brunch, Nice Matin falls extremely short.  Don’t be fooled by the crowded outdoor seating area.  That’s the draw, and the only draw to this restaurant for brunch.  And there is a reason why on a beautiful day you can find a seat outside in under 5 minutes.  I have been there for a lovely lunch before, but their ability to put a French spin on a traditional brunch fails miserably.  Luckily, the weather was gorgeous so the outdoor table and the company were able to make the dining experience really pleasant, but that’s the best thing I can say about the brunch location.

They came out with little muffins, which were fine.

(Raisin Bran Muffins, Raisin and Walnut Bread and Strawberry Jam)

These were just okay.  The butter melted in a half a second, which is definitely not the fault of the restaurant, but it just made it that much harder to put onto the little muffins.

I ordered my tradition go-to dish of a lox scramble, which was the description on the menu and potatoes well-done.

(Smoked Salmon, Eggs, Creme Fraiche, Scallions)

(Mesclun Greens and Potatoes)

Never before have I seen a smoked salmon scramble presented this way.  The lox was completely disconnected from the dish.  I was really confused on unsure of even how to start eating.  The eggs did not come with toast on the side to try and almost create a sandwich type formatting.  So I just cut up some pieces of lox and stuck it on my fork with the eggs.  But it just didn’t work.  The eggs felt slightly over cooked, and in the hot sun, the lox became warm and discolored quickly, partially because it was so exposed.

The potatoes, which I had requested well done, were just bland and far from crispy.  The salad was limp, having been obviously dressed for hours prior to its arrival on my table.  There was very little enjoyable about the food for this meal.

It’s very disappointing, because like I said earlier, I’ve had a really nice lunch there before.  My friend’s dish was equally disappointing, which was a lamb sausage scramble.

Especially after seeing the bill, the overpriced eggs and poor food quality will remind me to walk right past the luring outdoor seating to another restaurant.



Nice Matin – 201 West 79th Street – New York, NY

Nice Matin
Price: $$
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: French
Perfect For: Chronic Brunch, Outdoor Seating
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Available via UrbanSpoon
Favorite Dishes: Omelette
Official Website

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