Blue Bottle Coffee

The battle of the Iced Coffee.

I consider myself a coffee addict.  It started as a young, innocent little girl ordering decaf cappuccinos which evolved into a Starbucks Barista in high school, and now has finally culminated in my days as a working adult.

When Blue Bottle Coffee opened in the concourse of 30 Rock, I was pretty intimidated.  At $4 a cup with no size options and absolutely no Sweet ‘N Low or skim milk to be found, I was a little reluctant to try.  After reading friendly twitter banter between two co-workers about the joys of Blue Bottle Iced Coffee, I had to see for myself.

There are two options of iced coffee; Single Origin and New Orleans.  Do not ask what the names mean, because I do not know.  All I know is I decided that I needed to test both out (on two separate days) and give my honest opinion of this caffeinated delight.

I started off with the Single Origin.

From the outside, this version looks like your typical black iced coffee.  Big iced cubes and dark coffee in a clear, eco-friendly cup automatically looks like a winner.  I took a little sip and was completely overwhelmed with the strong dark roast.  I don’t know what I have been drinking at places like Starbucks or Wichcraft for the past few years, but this is what coffee is supposed to taste like.  To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming.  I added a bit of the simple syrup and took another sip.  After half a cup, I was definitely feeling slightly shaky and ready for a day of work.

The simple origin gave a caffeine fix topping even my typical iced red eyes (iced coffee with a shot of espresso).

The next taste was the New Orleans.  I typically just drink my coffee black with one Sweet ‘N Low.  This particular kind forced me to break my boundaries a bit and get some calcium into my diet.

The coffee is infused with chicory, a strong, earthy flavor and the milk is used to balance out the drink.  The barista told me that they wouldn’t even serve it without milk since it really is too over powering.  I ordered and dove right in.  And it was awesome.  No sugar even necessary.  It was still strong coffee, giving that perfect caffeine high, but the flavor was so much more subtle and did not feel forceful.


And just for fun.. here’s my friend’s cappuccino.  How pretty?  And in an eco-friendly cup!



Blue Bottle Coffee – 30 Rockefeller Plaza (Concourse) – New York, NY

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