Rye House

Rye House epitomizes a fun, different bar scene on the outskirts of Chelsea. The dark lighting and dark wooden tables make you feel as if you’ve been transported to a secretive European spot.  This funky, hip bar boasts one of the most intricate list of Whiskey and Scotch in the city.  Their extensive menu can be overwhelming and confusing to someone who’s knowledge is limited to Jack Daniels and Jameson.

They offer samples of different types of variations for those, like myself, who are overwhelmed by the menu.  My friend decided to go for the Scotch tasting, only after asking where the particular type of Scotch was from.  The waitress laughed and smiled when she said “Scotland.”  My friend sulked into his chair in embarrassment.  The service wasn’t wonderful, but for what we wanted, it was exactly the right bar for the night.

I can’t really handle this sophisticated, Mad Men liquid.  But my friend, enjoyed three out of the four types.  The exception was the glass in the back right corner which was described as having a “leathery” taste.  The variations are explained on the board giving a bit more understanding to each sip.

I was not so adventurous, ordering the Low Blow, a cocktail with gin.

(Leblon Cachaca, Yellow Chartreuse, Lime, Sugar Cane Syrup)

This drink was light and fresh with the crushed ice.  Definitely less extreme then the Scotch tasting, but it was the perfect little drink to end the night.

I highly recommend checking this cool spot out, whether for drinks or food (they have PB&J Cheesecake! Woah!).  Everything looked delicious and the atmosphere is perfect for one of those bar food with a twist kind of nights.



Rye House – 11 W. 17th Street – New York, NY

Rye House
Price: $$
Location: Flatiron. NY
Type: Drinks
Perfect For: Drinks
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Not Accepted
Official Website

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