Smorgas Chef

I met my friend Rachel and the most adorable Bulldog, Emma, for brunch on Saturday.  We wandered around the West Village in search of delicious food and outdoor seating, so we could enjoy the most gorgeous May day.  After looking at a bunch of different places, we ended up picking Smorgas Chef, situated on the corner of the gorgeous cobblestone streets of the village.

The restaurant owns the farm, Blenheim Hill in the Catskills, bringing all of the ingredients for the meal straight from that location.  This assures that all of the components of every dish are sustainable and perfect for use.

We were seated in the shade, perfect for Emma.  They brought out a little water bowl for her, and she settled into a comfy daze.  She was quite the a show stopper for all of the people walking past the restaurant, petting her and making small talk with us.

The restaurant had a prefix brunch menu, complete with all of the essentials.  We ordered our Bellinis while still looking over the delicious menu.

The drinks were perfectly delicious and refreshing on the 79 degree day.  The delicious combination of fresh peach, ligonberry and champagne was light and perfect.  It made us both feel so relaxed and ready to order and start our meal.

I also ordered an iced coffee, part of the prefix pricing, to wake me up and enjoy the cold, caffeinated beverage on the hot, sunny day.  (Side note: I really don’t understand people that can drink hot coffee in the spring or summer, it’s very confusing.)

I ended up ordering the Anne’s Omelette and waited in anticipation for the food to come.  Finally, it arrived.

(Eggs, Tomato, Mint, Goat Cheese, Mesclun Greens, Potato Gratin)

The reason I ordered this particular omelette was the use of mint in the dish.  I have never seen that herb used in such a fashion and I was beyond intrigued.  It really did work.  I was so presently surprised with by the light, minty bite which ended up tying everything together.  The locally grown tomatoes were delicious and the fresh goat cheese was wonderful.

On the side, the potato gratin’s creamy layers and crispy top proved to be the perfect accompaniment to the omelette. My favorite bites included the thin, crunchy layer of cheese on the top, followed by the smooth texture of the evenly layered potatoes.  I literally licked my plate clean with this wonderful brunch.

It was a perfect place to stumble upon on such a gorgeous day.  I definitely suggest venturing down to the West Village for a wonderful brunch.  Especially since it is a sustainable restaurant, it makes the meal even more delicious since it supports a great concept.  With wonderful outdoor seating, the day could not be better!



Smorgas Chef – 283 W. 12th Street – New York, NY

Smorgas Chef
Price: $$
Location:  West Village
Type: Scandinavian
Perfect For: Chronic Brunch, Outdoor Seating, Take Out
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary
Favorite Dishes: Eggs, Potatoes
Official Website

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