Luke’s Lobster

The quest for dinner took my sister and I up Amsterdam to a place we have never been; Luke’s Lobster.  I have always eyed the little, hole in the wall, yet famous place.  Amanda mentioned she had never eaten a lobster roll or remembered having one, (we were in Bar Harbor, Maine in ‘04 and I’m sure she had one then; she was 8).  We decided to go and see what all of the hype was about.

The inside’s decor transports you to a rural, sea town.  There are only 3 wooden, high seat tables and a few wall, bar type seats. The buoys on the walls, lobster pattern chairs, and walls lined with lobster roll punch cards, gives a simple feel to the restaurant.  We knew it was all about the lobster.

We decided to share the “Taste of Maine,” which included half of a lobster roll, shrimp roll, and crab roll.  This was served with a selection of chips and either a soda or local Maine beer for a slight additional fee.  We ordered our food, selected Salt and Vinegar chips and sat down at the bar seats, facing the street.

(Shrimp Roll, Lobster Roll, and Crab Roll; all on a toasted potato bun)

We cut each of the rolls for the perfect bites, starting with the crab roll.  The potato bun was steamed and toasted to sheer perfection.  The exterior had the perfect slight crunch with a creamy, buttery inside.  Lightly dressed crab flavor cut through the rich bun.  Just flavored with olive oil, seasoning and a touch of mayo, the crab shone through all of the other components.  It was unlike any roll I have had.

Then we went for the shrimp.  The mini pieces feel off the roll as we took bites of the delectable treat.  The crab was the favorite so far, but then onto the main star of the dish and the reason for coming to Luke’s; the lobster roll.

Amanda took the side with the big hunk of meat and we bit in.  The delicious, perfectly cooked lobster melted in my mouth.  The contrast with the creamy bun, but the slight bit of crunch from the outside created some of the best lobster bites I have enjoyed in recent memory.

As Amanda said, it’s the upscale hot dog; where you would love to just walk down the street, lobster roll in hand and take on the world.  The price was right and the food was great.  We were in and out pretty quickly, but regardless, it was enjoyable.  After all, this place was about the food not the dining experience.

I still have to say, the best Lobster Roll in the city is Pearl’s Oyster Bar in the Village.  However, for a quicker, casual Lobster Roll experience, Luke’s fills your craving with ease and doesn’t put as much of a dent on your wallet.  I will definitely be back.

Luke’s Lobster – 426 Amsterdam Avenue – New York, NY
Luke’s Lobster
Price: $$
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: Seafood
Perfect For: Take Out, Quick Bite
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Not Available
Favorite Dishes: Taste of Maine

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