Rock Center Cafe

Even though I call Rockefeller Plaza my home away from home, I am always still in awe of its magnitude and greatness.  The fountain in the summer and rink and Christmas Tree in the winter make me beam with pride and joy.  The best part of the summer used to be drinks on the “rink,” which transforms into an outdoor dining area and bar during this time of the year.  They used to boast reasonable happy hour priced drinks and specials luring the production staff here after the conclusion of our shows.

This is no longer the case.  Overpriced drinks have kept us away, despite its wonderful ambiance and location to work.

On a Tuesday afternoon, I had arrived at work early for a coffee date and had an hour to kill before staring my work day.  I had remembered loving the watermelon gazpacho here years ago as an intern, and decided to treat myself to a nice lunch on the rink while reading the paper.

I sat outside, and  ordered the normal gazpacho (they no longer serve watermelon) for $12, trying to enjoy this gorgeous day.  Then the bowl arrived.

(Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado Creme)

You could see the black pepper taking over the soup.  I am not a big black pepper fan, refusing it every time it’s offered to “enhance” my dish.  However, I tried to give this soup the benefit of the doubt.  I should have just stopped eating half way through.  But for the price, I felt guilty not finishing.  My taste buds now burn as a result, making me regret turning down the bread basket at the beginning of the meal.  Thankfully, it was a shallow bowl, making me almost grateful for being ripped off.

I know there are some good dishes here, mainly the truffle fries, but overall, this was a waste.  I’m guessing there was a change in management since my fond experiences of happy hour and watermelon gazpacho two years ago.  All I know is, next time I have an hour to kill, I will look past my love of Rockefeller Plaza and head else where.  Because not even my favorite place in New York was worth this food.



Rock Center Cafe – 20 West 50th Street (Rockefeller Plaza) – New York, NY

Rock Center Cafe
Price: $$$
Location: Midtown West/East
Type: New American
Perfect For: Wasting Time & Money, Outdoor Seating
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary
Favorite Dishes:

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