Bird on the Roof

Right around the corner from our Day 2 Montauk destination was an adorable brunch/lunch place, Bird on the Roof.  The logo was beachy and fun, and the adjacent gift shop featured all of the cheesy products one would expect.  However, the cuteness stopped at the door.  By the time we left, we wished we had just stopped at 7-11 for cereal or found bagels.  It was that bad of an experience.

We glanced over the menu, ordering ice coffees the moment we sat down.  I had requested mine black, as usual.  I was slightly annoyed when my glass was filled only 3/4 of the way, but figured that free refills would be included with such a stingy portion.  I was wrong.  After requesting for waters multiple times, they finally arrived.  I think at this point we should have realized how slow the service would be.  But we were happy on a gorgeous Sunday in Montauk and ordered our food with glee.

After much debate, I finally decided on the prosciutto Benedict.  I stared at food being devoured on other tables around us, stomach grumbling, waiting for my dish to arrive.

We waited.

And waited.

And waited.

One full hour went by. And still nothing.  Finally, an hour and fifteen minutes later, our dishes were placed in front of us.  Starving, I dug in.

(Prosciutto, “Poached” Eggs, Brick Oven Bread, Tarragon Hollandaise)

On first impression, this looked like a fine dish.  But then I cut in and it all went down hill.  Poached eggs and hollandaise sauce are the backbone of a Benedict dish.  These eggs might have been soft boiled at best.  The yolk was not runny, but rather an undercooked hard boiled egg.  That’s cooking 101.  But even worse, the hollandaise sauce was breaking.  You could see all of the aspects separating.  Anyone who went to high school knows how emulsions work, and this one did not.  To top it off, the prosciutto tasted canned and the “brick oven bread” was stale Italian bread probably from the back a truck.  Thank you, but no thank you.  I left half the dish untouched.

My friend who ordered one of their dishes from the actual menu, not specials board, had canned, inedible mushrooms on her dish.  They seemed as if they had gone bad weeks ago, and that’s saying a lot for a canned product.

The only dish that tasted somewhat edible was the Heurvos Rancheros, which was more like a tortilla pizza then an egg dish.

Overall, this meal was a disaster and the reasonable prices didn’t make it any better.  We left feeling unnecessarily full, ripped off, and completely unsatisfied.  If you’re in Montauk, go somewhere else.



Bird on the Roof – 47 South Elmwood Avenue – Montauk, NY

Bird on the Roof
Price: $$
Location: Montauk, NY
Type: American (Traditional)
Perfect For: Wasting Time & Money
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary
Favorite Dishes: Nothing

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