Lunch (The Lobster Roll Restaurant)

One essential, last pit stop was deemed extremely necessary before leaving Montauk.  So necessary, that we were willing to miss the 5:30pm train in exchange for the hour later departure time.  We needed lobster rolls.

While the locals raved about Cyril’s lobster rolls being the best on this side of the island, we were told there was competition lurking down the road.  One of my favorite blogs, Immaculate Infatuation, also bragged that Lunch (The Lobster Roll Restaurant) produced the best product in the Hamptons. Serving the Hamptons for over 40 years, Lunch has become a staple of roadside dining.  Named appropriately for its famous dish and time of day it is consumed, this road side dining spot seem to attract a crowd.

The red, white and blue shack simply labeled had the most simple, playful decor inside.  Every little nicknack with the word “lunch” on it found its way onto the wall.  It was adorable.

We each paid for our lobster roll ($22) and the cute host, Sean, behind the counter made sure we had the proper utensils and napkins for our train ride meal.  With our bags packed, we hopped back in the cab, headed for the train.  With my stomach grumbling, I couldn’t wait to arrive and dig in.

I saw down in the somewhat spacious LIRR seat, and dug into my high end travel meal.  The dish is a simple roll, served with a side of cole slaw.

Using my fork, I took the first bite of the lobster meat alone.  And to my dismay, I was slightly disappointed especially compared to the meal from the day prior.  Reluctantly, I picked up the roll to continue eating.  And then I tasted the bun.

And wow.

Holy potato bun.  This was the game changer.  I had found the best potato bun in the existence of lobster rolls.  I always knew that this was a crucial element to the essence of the dish, but this bun made me remember why it was so important.  It tasted if it the bun had been steamed and infused with flavor, then given a generous coating for butter before connecting with the hot flat top until it turned the ideal shade of golden brown.  It was bread at its best.

Once paired with the perfect bun, the lobster filling seemed to shine through.  Large chunks of lobster, held together with crunchy celery and a light mayo came together for the filling.  But still, bite after bite, the bun played the role as the star and the lobster would win best supporting “roll.” (yes, pun intended).

In the end, after my battle of two lobster rolls, I decided my game plan for my next trip.  Pick up a bun at Lunch and the filling at Cyril’s and create my own ultimate lobster roll.

Lunch (The Lobster Roll Restaurant) – 1980 Montauk Highway – Amagansett, NY
*For the best lobster roll in Manhattan, go to Pearl.

Lunch (The Lobster Roll Restaurant)
Price: $$
Location: Montauk, NY
Type: Seafood
Perfect For: Quality Seafood, Take Out, Impressing Foodies
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Available
Favorite Dishes: Lobster Rolls, Fries


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