Isabella’s Strawberry Butter

Every morning, I wake up to tons of spam emails from Groupon, J.Crew, and any other site I regretfully gave my email address to.  However, in the mix of unwanted emails, I sometimes find ones that are worth clogging my inbox.

My absolute favorite brunch place, Isabella’s, sends out a monthly email with fun little specials for their regular subscribers.  I am an avid fan of all things they make, but have a weakness for their Strawberry Butter.  This month, they decided to share their recipe with the faithful email readers.

I forwarded the recipe to my mom on a Saturday morning, and by the time I was home a few short hours later, she surprised me with my favorite treat and fresh Cinnamon raisin bagels.  The perfect New Jersey morning.

I invite you to try the recipe too.   Make morning a little bit more fun and bright with their version of Strawberry Butter.




1 pound softened unsalted Butter

6 oz fresh Strawberries

1 Teaspoon Sugar

Pinch of Salt


1. Combine Strawberries, Sugar and Salt in a bowl

2. Toss with a spoon and let mixture stand for 10 minutes

3. Place butter in a food processor and whip it until smooth

4. Add strawberry mixture to the food processor and whip mixture until smooth

5. Spoon strawberry butter into a small ramekin and serve immediately with Irish Soda Bread, or the bread of your choosing.


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