Corner Bistro

After drinks at Standard Beer Garden and dancing at Hog’s, my friend Rachel and I were starving for the dinner we had missed.  Although Meatpacking is home to some of the best restaurants in the city, the prices were far from wallet friendly.  We both knew a little salad would not suffice, causing us to turn to the best thing at that hour; burgers.

Rachel had been to the delicious, hidden Corner Bistro.  I had actually been to this location a few summers ago for drinks, not knowing about their food.

We entered the dimly lit, dark bar.  The place was packed for 11:30pm on a Tuesday night.  Friends crowded around tables, digging into the food in front of them.  The loud noise and fun atmosphere made this more then just a late night meal.

We sat down at the bar.  Unknowingly I quickly ordered a Pilsner, my favorite Czech beer.  We looked back up at the tap list and noticed that they served McSorley’s light and dark beer.  Bummer.  For next time.

The menu is on a board, showing very simple items and inexpensive prices.  We ordered the Bistro Burger to share and fries, with a side of mayo.

I kept eying the food placed around us, inhaling the sweet aroma of melted cheese, sizzling bacon and meat, stomach grumbling.  Finally, the paper plate of fries and burger were placed right in front of us.  They brought a side plate with a knife on top to split the delicious burger.  I took all my might not to dive in and devour the burger instantly.

(Bistro Burger: Bacon, American Cheese, Special Sauce, Toasted Sesame Bun, Lettuce, Tomato)

I asked for the tall, yellow, generic squirt bottle of mustard and poured it onto the side of the plate.  Deli mustard, my favorite came out rather then the gross yellow French’s mustard.  Before I even tasted the food, I knew it would be good.  You can definitely tell a lot by the mustard.

The fries were crisp but light inside.  The ideal, not overly greasy fry.  It tasted like the fries you always think you are going to get at McDonald’s but always end up disappointed with your fingers covered in grease and stomach about to explode.  These fries were clean and crisp.  I could have eaten plates and plates paired with mustard and mayo (which I learned to love with fries at age 12 in Belgium.)

Then, I split the burger and dug into my half.  No need to add condiments.  I hadn’t realized what the bistro burger entailed before ordering, but it came standard with bacon, American cheese and special sauce.  This is not the burger for the kosher.

I took one bite and sunk back into my bar stool.  The juicy burger, cooked medium, melted in my mouth.  This was not a place to go with a boy, unless you are really comfortable.  My hands were covered in burger, face messy, silently devouring one of the best bar burgers I have ever tried.

There was something simple and rustic about this burger.  It lacked any of the fancy, fluff that many high end, over priced places serve.  Instead, it kept every component simple, but made well.  The cheese melded with the burger to almost be one and then the crunch of the bacon completed the dish. Then the fresh little bite of tomato and lettuce gave that added juice and light crunch. One hell of a burger.

Just a side note, the place is cash only, so be sure to have a $20 in your wallet.  That will be plenty.  They serve burgers until 3am during the week, so the next time your stomach starts grumbling after a night out, you know where to go.  I know I’ll be back.



Corner Bistro – 331 West 4th Street – New York

Corner Bistro
Price: $
Location: West Village, NY
Type: New American, Pub
Perfect For:
Late Night, Big Groups, Impressing Foodies, Neighborhood Hang, Cheap Eats
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Bistro Burger and Fries
Official Website

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