Break – Fast

Every year, one day reminds all about the innate joy of food. You Kippur. A day devoted to atoning for all mistakes from the year before, which ends in feast for the ages.
It always comes at the moment I begin to take everything for granted. Things seem easy and care free, but this holiday brings me back to earth, to appreciate all around me, including food.

After a long day of services, we waited until 7:30pm to hear the shofar blow and then headed to a family friend’s for a delicious break-fast meal. My sister and I devoured a Costco sized box of raspberries on our way there, the perfect start to a New Year.

We arrived at our family friends to a feast of Jewish delight. You aren’t supposed to cook on the high holidays, so the feast was full of bagels, fish of every kind and lots of sides. I really is a break-fast.

Bagels, Lox, White Fish Salad, Pickled Herring and More! Jewish food at its finest.

Happy New Year!



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