It might have been six years ago that I last looked at a menu at Nori, my local, favorite sushi place.  I always sit down and know exactly what I am going to order, never deviating from my meal and rolls of choice.

My Mom and I walked in, after a full morning of playing with her nursery school students before I headed back to the city for work.  Nori has been a staple of the main street of Caldwell, NJ since I can remember.  Since High School, meals with friends have taken place here, using our menial allowance and babysitting money to eat out.  Fresh sushi, friendly wait staff and familiar friends from town make this restaurant an absolute favorite of everyone in town.

We sat down and quickly ordered the Super Combo Lunch, the best sushi deal in the tri-state area.  I dare you to find a better deal for unbelievable and unique rolls.  For $12,95, you get a soup, salad, appetizer and two special rolls.  We always switch it up slightly, ordering two salads instead of a soup to split the dish.  This day was no exception.

There is a choice between creamy and ginger dressing, but here creamy always wins.  It’s light with bursts of sesame seeds mixed into the creamy sauce.  I find myself liking the bowl clean, often saving the dressing on the side to dip my sushi into.  It’s just that good.

For our rolls, we order the Kiwi and Snoopy roll, two unique interpretations of sushi I am yet to find anywhere else.   The Kiwi roll is stuffed with crab and tomago, with of course kiwi on top and a drizzle of the salad dressing.  The Snoopy roll is a shrimp tempura roll with a sweet peanut crumble on top.  It’s out of this world. For our mini appetizer, we ordered steamed shumai.

Each piece of sushi is made with extreme care, light and fresh. The Kiwi Roll has a subtle sweetness to it with a little bite of acidity from the fresh fruit on top.  The Snoopy Roll is all about crunch.  Between the crispy shrimp tempura and the sweet peanut mixture on top, its the ideal contrast of flavors in a roll.  I can confidently say, when it comes to special rolls, this is my favorite of all time.

Each time I come back to Nori, I leave even more satisfied then the last, wishing that they would move to my block in the city, so I could enjoy my favorite sushi whenever I want.  But for now, it’s something special to share with my family every time I am home.  And dream about it until the next time I walk through the doors and order before a menu is even picked up.



Nori – 406 Bloomfield Avenue – Caldwell, NJ

Price: $$
Location: Caldwell, NJ
Type: Japanese, Sushi
Perfect For: Quick Bite, BYOB
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary
Favorite Dishes: Snoopy Roll, Kiwi Roll, Creamy Salad Dressing

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