Tiny Empire

The second I entered Tiny Empire in Williamsburg, I felt zen. Everything about this new healthy smoothie and juice bar, which opened on September 1st seemed to be top notch. The choices of organic smoothies, fresh ingredients and simple decor immediately put me at ease. My headache subsided and excitement rose as I began to give into the vibe of Tiny Empire.

20121001-003029.jpgThe big open window allowed for fresh air to come in, brightening the whole space. The white walls and simple decor allowed for the beverages to speak for themselves. I was a little confused and overwhelmed with what to order. I saw a fridge with a variety of unique juice combinations and smoothies being blended and given to happy customers. What I most loved about the inside of Tiny Empire was their mission statement on the wall. It really rang true, especially for a Manhattan-ite like me.

20121001-002527.jpgThe calm, trendy girl behind the counter helped to coach me through the ordering process. She had a calm, soothing voice, helping for me to understand everything on the menu. All of the combinations seemed incredible and unique with components ranging from kale to almond butter to spinach. Ultimately, I decided on #19, a combination of raspberries, dates, banana, almond milk, almond butter, and cacao. I added a tincture (a boost) for flu/cold, since I could feel my nose dripping, since I’ve been getting over being sick.

I watched her take out fresh ingredients to blend up my smoothie. Frozen produce could not be found in this restaurant. I looked on at the counter with excitement and amazement. I couldn’t wait.

20121001-002516.jpgFinally, my smoothie was ready for consumption. The girl had me take a sip off the top since my drink was overflowing from the top. She didn’t want the lid to explode on me. I had the first sip and was overwhelmed with flavor. I could really taste the cacao and the subtle combination of raspberries, bananas, and especially dates came through. The almond flavor from the butter and milk made the drink rich and decadent.


Raspberries, Banana, Dates, Cacao, Almond Butter, Almond Milk

I would head back to Brooklyn just for this drink.  Everything about it was delicious and organic.  It inspired me to try and live more organically.  The second I exited Tiny Empire, I was longing to go back.  Everything about the calming environment made me happy and completely made me leave the hustle of everyday life and relax.  Absolutely divine.  If you are in Williamsburg at all, be sure to stop by Tiny Empire.  I promise you will leave extremely happy.



Tiny Empire – 142 North 6th Street – Brooklyn, NY

Tiny Empire
Price: $$
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Type: Organic, Juice Bar 
Perfect For: Take Out
Open: Everyday

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