My friend has been raving about the best brunch in the city at TBSP in Chelsea for weeks now.  We entered the adorable restaurant around 1pm on Saturday, just in time for brunch.

We wrote our names down and waited about 25 minutes until our table was ready.  Samples of chronic brownies, blondies and scones with jam were set up in cloth lined wicker baskets to hold over our grumbling stomachs during the wait.  Pitchers of water were set up adjacent to the sweet treats to wash down the decadent flavor.  This seemed to be the perfect way to keep anyone waiting.  In addition, refrigerators were filled with jams, hot chocolate mix, butters and other sweet treats.  It was all adorable and felt like a place I would discover in Vermont, rather then Manhattan.

We were seated at a rustic, blue wooden table, with little antiques lining the shelf right above.  Everything was so quaint about this restaurant.  I decided to start the meal with a Bloody Mary.

TBSP Bloody Mary

Served in a cute mason jar, this was one of the better bloody mary’s I have enjoyed.  Freshly grated horseradish served as the main source of spice without an overkill of black pepper like so many bloody mary’s of brunches past.  I really enjoyed the sweet tomato juice and subtly of the vodka.

I decided to order the Baked Eggs in a Skillet, without pork sausage.  My friend had been raving about this dish and ordered it as well.

Skitake Mushroom and Potato Hash, Spinach, Two Eggs, Parmesan

I want to give full disclosure before I continue to talk about this dish.  I strongly dislike black pepper.  I understand its use as a seasoning with salt, but overuse can be excessive and with my taste buds can make certain dishes inedible.

That was this dish.  Holy Black Pepper.  It tasted as if the chef accidentally poured an entire carton into the hash without realizing and served it with grated Parmesan and an egg.  I tasted my friends dish with the addition of the pork sausage, with gave a slight balance to the potato hash, but even tasting my dish, he realized the pepper flavor took over.  I sat, sadly staring at a dish I would have otherwise loved, eating my multi-grain toast and home made jam (which was awesome).

I don’t want to completely hate on TBSP.  It’s one experience where I walked out not truly satisfied , but would be willing to come back and try an omelette or something not containing the hash.  I loved their local, organic message and the blondies in the front were some of the best I’ve ever tried.  Maybe, I got a bad batch of hash.  Maybe it’s just my taste buds.  But my tongue had a lingering taste of burnt, black pepper for the rest of the day.



TBSP – 17 West 12th Street – New York, NY

Price: $
Location: Flatiron, NY
Type: New American
Perfect For: Sweet Tooth, Wasting Time & Money
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Bloody Mary

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