Amsterdam Ale House

When it comes to the Upper West Side, Amsterdam Ale House is the quintessential neighborhood gastropub.  The extensive draft and bottle beer lists and consistent pub menu, provides something for everyone.  It’s the go-to place when you’re craving an solid burger and beer, while watching a sports game.

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I sat down outside on this particular day, with the lack of games on and trying to enjoy the last of days of outdoor eating before winter takes over.  I looked over the long beer list, and ordered a Czech beer, Czechvar Lager.  I have had a strong connection to anything Czech, since studying in Prague for a semester during college.  The bottled beer arrived, with a chilled glass .  I sipped the rich lager, feeling transported to the dark, underground bars of Prague.

I ultimately decided to order a hamburger with the addition of blue cheese on top.  It’s a favorite pairing of mine.  On the side, I ordered sweet potato fries.  My friend tried to suggest getting different types of fries to try, but I love my sweet potato fries so much, I had to decline.  These aren’t for sharing.

Blue Cheese Burger, English Muffin, Sweet Potato Fries with Cinnamon Sugar

The unique thing about the burger is the bun, or lack there of.  An English Muffin acts as vehicle containing the sweet, juicy meat and cheese.  Toasted to a light golden brown, I added the sliced tomato, onion and lettuce then dug in.  When eating burgers, you fully expect to make a mess of yourself, and this burger was no exception.  Super juicy, flavorful with the bite from the blue cheese.  Then the sweet potato fries on the side, coated in cinnamon sugar  seem almost like a dessert rather then a side.  It reminds me of the days where my mom used to pile that on top of a whole baked sweet potato to help us eat our vegetables.  Absolutely delicious, light and sweet.

If you find yourself on the Upper West Side, looking for a spot to watch the game, throw back a few beers and enjoy some great bar food, then Amsterdam Ale House is definitely the spot for you.



Amsterdam Ale House – 340 Amsterdam Avenue – New York, NY

Amsterdam Ale House
Price: $
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: Pub
Perfect For: Neighborhood Hang, Sports on TV
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Needed
Favorite Dishes: Bison Burger, Blue Cheese Hamburger, Sweet Potato Fries

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