Guilty Goose

Although Chelsea is considered a very hip area, the lack of decent bars seems to be evident walked down the streets.  Especially right off the 1 train stop on 23rd and 7th, the options are extremely limited.  My friend, Zac, had just gotten back from Belgium and Turkey (rough life) and we hoped to catch up over a few drinks.  We headed to the Guilty Goose, a spot we had frequented at a few times before, not really loving the atmosphere and food, but lacked other options.

(c/o Guilty Goose)

We sat down at one of the high tables, amongst a young, attractive crowd.  This restaurant/bar seemed to have gotten a major face life in its clientele since our last visit to this spot.  I looked at the draft list, ordering the Liquid Gold beer, before my friend quickly stopped me.  He turned to the waiter and said, 2 Orval’s.  I sat back in my seat, slightly annoyed that I had just been ordered for.  However, it turns out this Belgium beer had been brewed by Monks in one of the factory’s Zac had been to over the weekend.  He hardly expected to find this beer back in the U.S. let alone four days later.

The beer was served in a special glass, just made for this brand.

Orval — Belgian Trappist Ale, 6.9%, 11.2 oz

The beer had a subtle sweetness, followed by more bitter undertones.  It was extremely delicious and a beer you would sip for hours, rather then chug at a frat party.  It really stood on its own and begged to ask the question, why settle for awful domestic beer?  I loved hearing the stories linked to the beer from my friend who had just seen the beer brewed.  He said they dropped a sugar cube in each bottle to help with the fermentation process.  Really awesome.

When we finished this beer, he saw another bottle of the second brewery he had been to in Belgium.  He said despite it’s intimidating name, it had a little Pink Elephant as the logo, making the glasses adorable and his sister’s take home souvenir.

Delirium Tremens – Belgian Pale Ale, 8.5%, 11.2 oz.

I actually happened to prefer the Delirium, a lighter version of a Belgium beer.  Plus, how adorable was its special glass, saved just for consumers of this beer.  I really had to give it to the Guilty Goose for pairing each bottle with its respective cup.  A very classy touch.

At the end, we had made new friends with the bartenders, learning that the owner had revamped the place to highlight a strong beer collection and delicious food to follow.  I haven’t tried the new dishes yet (they got rid of my favorite Goose Fat Popcorn), but it seemed like something I would truly enjoy.  They also offer bottomless brunch, with their special, rotating draft beers and mimosas with fresh orange juice squeezed in house.  I am really excited to give this place another try.

In addition, a great thing to note, is that Guilty Goose is currently on Scout Mob, an application offering discounts to restaurants and bars across the city.  Unlike Groupon or Living Social, you don’t need to buy the discount in advance, but rather present it when you walk in.  We got 50% off our drinks, making them taste even better.  I highly recommend this spot for beer drinkers far and wide, this place is a winner.



Guilty Goose – 131 W. 23rd Street – New York, NY

Guilty Goose
Price: $$
Location: Chelsea. NY
Type: New American,Drinks
Perfect For: Drinks, Neighborhood Hang
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Available but Not Necessary (OpenTable)

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