Sugar & Plumm

A new magical wonderland of cakes, sugar and delicious savory food popped on the Upper West Side in August and has been crowded ever since.  Sugar & Plumm has become the newest addition to successful restaurants in the area, with lines quickly forming out the door.  I walked past this place while under construction with the bright purples signs reading coming soon.  It took a few months to actually get there, but I am definitely glad I did.

There are three parts to this magical, brightly colored restaurant.  The sit down dining area, to-go sweets, and an almost coffee-like shop.  I met my friend, Karp, for brunch up here since he had taken refuge from blacked out darkness of his Union Square apartment.  When I walked inside, I felt like singing the Willy Wonka theme song, “come with me, and you’ll be in a world of pure imagination.”  Tons of well behaved children sipped drinks out of bright purple straws, while eating donuts and gummy bears.  It was a little child’s paradise.

However, they also have a wonderful selection of playful foods for adults.  They also have a liquor license appealing to the real adults in all of us.  I ordered an iced coffee to start and glanced over the unusual menu.  My brunch selection was rather lame in the grand scheme of the entire menu, opting for Smoked Salmon Benedict on Focaccia with Lemon Hollaindaise.  Karp went for the dish I secretly wanted him to order, Capt’n Crunch French Toast.  Talk about childhood snacks made right.

My one real complaint is that my dish was served minutes before my friends.  Initially, it was the incorrect dish, with ham glaring at me instead of salmon.  They quickly remedied the mix-up, but I still was staring at my dish, kindly waiting for the french toast before digging in.

When his finally arrived, I waited no longer.  The eggs were perfectly poached, with the runny yolk oozing all over the vibrant, dark pink salmon.  The focaccia, made to look like an English Muffin acted as the perfect vehicle to soak up the egg yolks.

(Eggs Benedict, Smoked Salmon, Focaccia Bread, Lemon Hollandaise)

In a place full of whimsical dishes, it’s no surprise that this traditional dish was somewhat out of the ordinary.  The lemon hollandaise gave an additional richness to the eggs.  The utilization of sweet, rich focaccia made the dish even richer then usual.  I found myself barely able to finish one egg, even though my stomach had been grumbling as I waited.  The other one made for a perfect mid-day snack at work.

But of course, I had to save room to try some of Mike’s french toast.

Capt’n Crunch French Toast, White Peach-Strawberry Compote, Vanilla, Strawberries, Mascarpone Cheese

Towering, gigantic French Toast elevated to a new level.  The light, airy bread coated in crunch giving that essential exterior.  You hear the bread crackle as your knife cuts through to the buttery center.  The sweet and savory compote cuts through the richness with a light acidity.  It’s a dish that would be hard to eat all to yourself, but when sneaking bites of your friends, it is something that should definitely ordered for the table.

At the end of the meal, we paid our bill and headed to the other side of the restaurant.  My sister has an addition to macaroons and her favorite flavor combination is salted-caramel.  When I saw that Sugar & Plumm combined her two favorite things, I had to buy some to bring back to New Jersey for her.


When I texted my sister about my discovery, she responded by saying “omfg that is actually my favorite things in the world combined into one.  It’s like a combination of Beyonce and Jesus.”

I guess that kind of sums up the entire menu and feel of Sugar & Plumm, it’s everything you could ever want in a restaurant combined into one.  Fun playful decor, great food and something new every single time.



Sugar & Plumm – 377 Amsterdam Avenue – New York, NY

Sugar & Plumm
Price: $$
Location: Upper West Side, NY
Type: New American
Perfect For: Chronic Brunch, Kid Friendly, Sweet Tooth
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Available but Not Necessary (OpenTable)
Favorite Dishes: French Toast, Pulled Pork & Waffles, Eggs Benedict


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