Sixth Ward

The ritual of drunk brunch is one found across Manhattan every Saturday and Sunday.  Big groups of friends get together for 2 hours max (or however long select restaurant allows the drinks to keep flowing), eats decent food, chugs flukes of mimosas or small glasses of bloody Mary’s while techno music blasts in the background.  On the surface it seems silly, but until you experience the greatness that is drunk brunch, you have zero clue how much fun it truly is.

I met my friends at Sixth Ward on the Lower East Side for brunch on Sunday afternoon.  We started off in a booth, squeezing 8 of us into every crevice possible.  This was the largest table available, inside.  They then offered us seating in their covered, heated courtyard.  We said yes, relocating under heat lamps at a long wooden table.  As more friends arrived our group grew, with 15+ lining the tables, anxiously awaiting to begin our 2 hours of unlimited drinks.  Music started to play, and a big projector screen came down showing the Sunday football games.

Sixth Ward is strict on their 2 hour drinking policy, so we held off beginning the rounds until everyone had arrived.  And at $15 for unlimited drinks and food, each minute of drinks and fun is truly a steal.  My friend, Vildana finally said the word, and the mimosas began to flow.

Vil and Me

Vil and Me

We each ordered off the menu, as I opted for the Eggs Nova, their version of a Salmon Eggs Benedict.

We toasted our first round of drinks, as the music began to play.  The really awesome thing about Sixth Ward is the plethora of fun games available.  Buck Hunter, a favorite arcade game of mine at school sits inside, as well as Pool and other traditional pub games.  It’s an fun place to spend a Sunday afternoon.

The waitress came around with a giant pitcher of mimosa every few minutes, looking for empty flutes to fill.  About 25 minutes into our drinks, our food arrived.  This is obviously a smart move on the part of the restaurant, to make sure we are well feed while enjoying endless mimosas and bloodys.

Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin, Hash Browns and Mesclun Greens

Poached Eggs, Smoked Salmon, Hollandaise Sauce on an English Muffin, Hash Browns and Mesclun Greens

While edible, you definitely don’t attend Sixth Ward drunk brunch for the high quality food.  The poached eggs were slightly overcooked, and one English Muffin was brunt to a crisp, while the other was hardly toasted.  The potatoes were on the dry side, but once again, edible.  After removing the eggs from the English Muffin, I was able to eat both eggs, some of the lox and the well steamed spinach.  I munched on Vildana’s sweet potato fries, which were on the side of her veggie burger, which ended up being my favorite thing I ate all meal.

The sandwiches and large salads, looked great, leading me to believe I made a mistake with the eggs.  It’s hard to put smoked salmon benedict with unlimited drinks on the same caliber as some of the most chronic brunch spots in the city, charging $16 for eggs alone.

Despite feeling that the food was a total let down, I would come back to Sixth Ward for the atmosphere and drinks alone.  Where else in Manhattan can you have endless drinks and edible food on the side.  You come here for the atmosphere and a fun day of drinking, dancing and games with all of your friends.  They can easily accommodate large groups, and after a few rounds of drinks, you’ll stop paying attention to your over-cooked eggs.



Sixth Ward – 191 Orchard Street – New York, NY

*$15+tax and tip for unlimited drinks and choice of food

Sixth Ward
Price: $
Location: Lower East Side, NY
Type: Pub
Perfect For: 
Big Groups, Drunk Brunch, Prix Fix
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Veggie Burger, Chopped Salad, Steak and Eggs

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