Barclays Center

Gone are the days of greasy hot dogs and lame hamburgers. The brand new Barclays Center in Brooklyn revolutionizes the experience of attending a sporting event. You’re not just there for the game, you’re there for the food.

My Dad and I made our way to Brooklyn on the 2 train, which lets you off right in front of the stadium.  It’s door to door service at its finest, making the Barclays Center one of the most accessible venues in New York City.  One of my Dad’s patients had given him tickets to the Nets v. Pacers game, but we quickly learned it wasn’t just a ticket to the game, but a ticket to all of the culinary experiences the Barclays Center has to offer.
barclays center

Each of the stands at the Barclays Center offers local Brooklyn fare.  The options seemed endless, as my Dad and I made our first of many laps around the bottom level of the Barclays Center, trying to strategize our culinary game plan.  With our ticket, we were able to have unlimited access to each of the stands, using our ticket as money.  My Dad and I never buy food at the Giants Games, but this was different.  As we made our trips back and forth to our seats with new culinary delights, we felt like all of the other patrons at the Giants Games, and this wasn’t a bad feeling at all.

We decided to try a bit of everything, since when else would we have such a unique culinary opportunity.  Everything would be shared, and left overs were okay.  I want to give full disclosure.

We started off simple, with Jewish Deli from, Avenue K Deli.  Certified Kosher, this deli is the real deal.

avenue k

We decided to order and share a Corned Beef Sandwich, and of course, a Jewish Deli favorite, a potato knish.  With our paper containers and precious food in hand, we headed back to our seats to enjoy our Jewish Deli treats while watching the Nets game.  I don’t know if it gets more Brooklyn then that.

Corned Beef Sandwich with Cole Slaw and Mustard on Rye

Corned Beef Sandwich with Cole Slaw and Mustard on Rye

Potato Knish

Potato Knish

This was as good a Corned Beef sandwich as ever, overflowing with meat and held together by crunchy rye bread.  The addition of Cole Slaw adds a messy, sweet crunchy component.  A potato knish is the best side dish to any Jewish deli sandwich.  It’s the quintessential potato component to any sandwich, with creamy potatoes cooked inside a crunchy pouch.

After the first quarter, I made my way back into the concession area for a bit of a mid game snack.  I decided to splurge at Fresco with Potato and Zucchini Chips.


Zucchini and Potato Chips with Roquefort Cheese

Zucchini and Potato Chips with Roquefort Cheese

These were not your traditional potato chips.  Crispy, over-sized pieces of zucchini  and potato were piled high with a generous sprinkle of Roquefort cheese on top.  The entire dish was placed under a heat lamp, allowing for the cheese become slightly melted over the chips, giving a sweet, sour and stinky flavor to the chips.  My dad and I enjoyed these, until there was a large pile of the left over blue cheese sitting at the bottom of the dish.  The perfect mid-game snack.

nets - barclays At half time, we made our way out into the craziness of the Barclays Center to compete with all of the other patrons for food.  We decided to try a sandwich from Fatty ‘Cue, the sister restaurant to the West Village hotspot, Fatty Crab.  The food serves Asian Fusion dishes, adding to the diversity of food at Barclays.

fatty 'cue - barlcays

Pulled Brisket, Sweet and Spicy Slaw, Sriracha Aioli, Baked in Brooklyn Bahn Mi Roll

Pulled Brisket, Sweet and Spicy Slaw, Sriracha Aioli, Baked in Brooklyn Bahn Mi Roll

While delicious, this sandwich was probably my least favorite dish of the day.  It just seemed to be missing something.  The brisket was a little bit dry, making me think that there was a lack of Sriracha Aioli on the dish.  The bread, however, was awesome.  Locally sourced and made at Baked in Brooklyn, you could tell that this hadn’t been sitting in some plastic bag, half stale and waiting to finally be used.  I feel like this sandwich is not a representation of the actual restaurant Fatty ‘Cue.  But at Barclays, this is definitely a pass.

We had to finish the meal off with the best stand of all, Junior’s Cheesecake.  The line wrapped down the corridor with kids and adults looking at those walking past with excitement, debating which types of cakes and cheesecakes they would get to try.  My Dad and I debated for a while until we got to the front, ultimately deciding on classic Cheesecake with berry sauce and Red Velvet Cake.

juniors - barlcays

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake

Cheesecake with Berry Sauce

Cheesecake with Berry Sauce

Holy Cheesecake.  Juniors is known to be the creme de la creme when it comes to New York Cheesecake and even at the Barclays Center, this little slice of heaven doesn’t cease to amaze.  Rich and creamy with the sweet, acidity from the berry sauce, this cheesecake is absolutely divine.  This could easily be one of my favorite desserts, and make any chocoholic second guess their desserts of choice.

The other dessert, Red Velvet cake was delicious, with rich layers of cream cheese frosting between the brightly colored cake.  However, when put next to the cheesecake, it just couldn’t compare.

The Nets won the game, in a nail-bitter during the 4th Quarter.  But the ultimate victory was the ability to taste all of the great culinary delights that the Barclays Center has to offer.

nets 2 - barclays

You should definitely check out a game and all of the wonderful food options. It’s a great activity and an awesome new addition to Brooklyn.  And leaves you completely full and planning your next return.  #HelloBrooklyn!



Barclays Center – Atlantic Avenue – Brooklyn, NY

Dad and I

Dad and I


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