There are very few places I will wait over an hour for a plate of eggs.  Prune, in the East Village, serves up some of the best brunch in New York City, with eclectic dishes, a strict no-substitutions policy and unique Bloody Mary’s.  There is a reason why the lines run down the street and people keep coming back for more.

I met my parents, sister and our family friends for Saturday brunch around 2pm.  Even at that hour, crowds stood outside on a sunny, winter’s day, waiting for a chance to enjoy all of the food at Prune.  They are well-known for their chronic brunch, and all of their dishes live up to all expectations.


After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, we made our way downstairs, to a uniquely shaped table, next to the kitchen area.  It was warm and cozy, allowing for us to be as loud as we wanted in our isolated dining space.

Prune specializes in concocting some of the most interesting, delicious Bloody Mary’s around.  The toughest part is deciding which of the 10 variations to try, each unique in their own right.  My Dad and I decided to split one titled, The Green Lake, a classic bloody Mary with a spicy twist.

The Green Lake - Classic Bloody Mary, Wasabi, and Beef Jerkey Swizzler

The Green Lake – Classic Bloody Mary, Wasabi, and Beef Jerky Swizzler; Red Stripe Beer Shot

This is an awesome Bloody Mary.  If that’s your breakfast drink of choice, Prune is a must.  The classic Bloody Mary mix tops the chart, with lots of fresh horseradish, Absolut vodka and tomato juice.  There’s a light acidity to it from the lemon, and none of that peppery taste that I loathe.  The spice is just right.  With the Green Lake, you add the big dollap of wasabi into the drink, giving the drink a great, subtle kick that wasabi can really only attain.  It’s a great spice, that I love over the burning heat of chilies.  The thick piece of Beef Jerky didn’t add much to the liquid itself, but was a great little bite while enjoying the drink.  On the side, a shooter of Red Stripe Beer acts as a counter-balance to the drink.  It’s a way I’ve really only seen served in the Midwest and am always so pleasantly surprised when the little shooter appears next to my Bloody in New York.

For my main dish, I ordered the Soft Scrambled Eggs.  I am not usually one to order scrambled eggs, unless it includes smoked salmon with goat/cream cheese, but I had a feeling that these eggs would be absolutely phenomenal. I love wet, creamy scrambled eggs and when prepared correctly, they are easily my favorite egg preparation.  But that’s pretty rare.

Soft Scrambled Eggs, Parsley, Smoked Bacon, English Muffin, and Potato Rossi

Soft Scrambled Eggs, Parsley, Smoked Bacon, English Muffin, and Potato Rosti

This might not look like much, but wow.  When it comes to preparation, very little thought and care went into serving up eggs, bacon and an English muffin with potatoes, but it’s really all about flavor.  These eggs, prepared wet, were one of the best scrambled egg preparations I have had in a very long time.  They have a light, creamy texture to them.  Paired with crispy pieces of bacon and a toasted English muffin, I found myself creating the ideal breakfast sandwich.

The finally, I got to the potatoes rosti, which is a Swiss preparation.  I love my potatoes salty, so I added a few pinches of salt and dug in. They were crisp on the outside, with a warm, buttery interior.  This is the type of potato that McDonald’s tries to make, but never succeeds in such a way.  I think these are my favorite type of potato side at brunch.  It’s just hard to find.

Was it worth the wait?  Absolutely.  This tiny restaurant is a little piece of brunch heaven, with killer bloody’s and equally amazing brunch.  My sister loved her huervos rancheros and my mom devoured her egg benedict (once they quickly replaced an overcooked poached egg).  There’s something for everyone, and prepared in the perfect way.  The simple complexity of everything is the best way to sum up Prune.  The best dishes, done so right.



Prune – 54 East 1st Street – New York, NY

Price: $$
Location: East Village, NY
Type: New American
Perfect For:
Chronic Brunch, First Dates, Girls Night Out
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Not Available
Favorite Dishes: The Green Lake Bloody Mary, Soft Scrambled Eggs, Huervos Rancheros, Mussels
Official Website

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