Death & Co

You could walk past this place one hundred times and not know that you did. And that’s the point. Death & Co is so well hidden, even my friend who suggested it thought this speak easy-type restaurant was new to the block. However, I discovered this hidden gem in 2010 when an old boyfriend and I went through our trendy drink and tapas phase and it was my turn to pick a spot.

outside - death & co

c/o LivingTheList

Patrons aren’t allowed inside the dark wooden doors until your table is available. You give your number to the cool, unlikely gentleman standing outside a wooden door who texts you the simple phrase “Your table is ready. -Death”. Then you know to come back. Once you have a table, you’re allowed to enter into a dark, mysterious world, which resembles a probation era spot, where the drinks are strong, girls are gorgeous, and outsiders are prohibited.

inside death & co

c/o Immaculate Infatuation

The menu is simple, but playful, filled with lots of quotes inside encouraging promiscuity and one too many drinks.  Already, it sets the tone for the evening and experience you will have at Death.

death & co saying2

A few “bites” are on the menu, most of which could hold its own at any tapas bar in the city. But you are truly here for the drinks.

You pick your poison. Then decide, shaken or stirred, and are given four pre-determined options of mix-ins to enhance your liquor.  I opted for a Tequila drink, shaken, not stirred, mixed with cucumber, simple syrup, agave and a wild mixture of other liquors and bitters.  While the amount of different alcohol could seem intimidating, I knew this place specializes in making delicious, drinkable cocktails that anyone would enjoy.

Tequila, Cucumber, Agave, Shaken, Not Stirred

Tequila, Cucumber, Agave, Shaken, Not Stirred

I wish all drinks could taste this delicious and be made with such care and precision.  The refreshing, subtle flavor of the cucumber cut through otherwise, bitter and strong tequila.  The agave flavoring, gave a sweet element to the drink, which I sipped with ease.  While the glasses might seem small, the liquor is there.  Death does do not skimp out on portion sizing.

My family friend, David, enjoyed one of the Whiskey drinks, claiming it was unlike any whiskey cocktail he has ever tried.  This place will allow for men to feel “manly” sipping out of a cocktail glass.  No need for scotch on the rocks.drugs, alcohol - death & co

The drinks were strong, causing us to decide to order a little bite to snack on while we enjoyed our drinks and caught up.  Ultimately, we for the Crispy Fries, piled high with Blue Cheese, Black Truffle and Scallions.

Crispy Fries, Blue Cheese, Scallions, Black Truffle

Crispy Fries, Blue Cheese, Scallions, Black Truffle

These are the perfect little snack.  Fried to a golden brown color, without leaving grease behind on your fingers.  The subtle flavor from the black truffle came through, followed by a crunch and spice of scallions.  Finally, the pungent and flavorful blue cheese creeps its way into each bite, giving an added element of flavor.

In the paste, I loved the Mac & Cheese, served on Chinese style spoons, as well as the Pork Belly Sliders.  You’re definitely here for the drinks, but the food quality is equally high.  death & co saying

It’s a great spot to have a few cocktails, enjoy some snacks in a comfortable environment.  There’s something refreshing about the restaurant not allowing patrons to wait inside.  The pressure to leave quickly complete diminishes, since you don’t have eyes giving you a Death stare, as you try and enjoy your evening.

I definitely recommend Death & Co.  Especially for early date nights, this will be sure to impress anyone.  It will put a little dent in your wallet, with cocktails running at $14 a pop, but it’s totally worth it.  Think of all the night’s you’ve spent over $10 on rail liquor and some type of soda.  For an incredible drink that will remind you how to actually enjoy liquor, Death is for you.



Death & Co – 433 East 6th Street – New York, NY

Death & Co
Price: $$$
Location: East Village, NY
Type: Drinks, Tapas
Perfect For:
Date Night, Girls Night Out, Drinks, Late Night
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Crispy Fries, Mac & Cheese, Pork Belly Sliders
Official Website


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