The Hudson

Drunk brunch with a very LA twist.  My sister drove up to The Hudson, located on a street corner in West Hollywood and parked in front of adorable suburban looking homes.  My friend, Liz, the fabulous birthday girl, hopped out of a cab with her other friends, since this is LA, subways do not exist.  This makes drunk brunch a little bit more complicated, but definitely manageable if you plan ahead.

outside - hudson

The restaurant itself is bright, open and inviting.  It feels almost like the most upscale tree house that could ever exist, with a large tree in the middle of one of the rooms.  Bright open windows let the sun stream through, keeping all of us warm on the gorgeous day.  We were seated at a long table, taking over a portion of the restaurant, adding more and more tables and chairs as the day continued.  Our large group from all walks of life came together to celebrate Liz’s birthday in the best way possible.

inside - hudson

One of the nice things about The Hudson is the option to add on unlimited drinks.  This allows individuals, such as my sister who drove, to opt out of the added pricing.

Pretty quickly the mimosas started flowing, new friendships began to form and the dancing began.  I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the mimosas, which lacked that watered down element you find so often.  These were easy to drink, with the pulp from the OJ floating around in the glass champagne flute.

Leigh and I decided to share our brunch dishes, selecting the Crab Benedict and the Grilled Cheese, which Liz had raved about.

We decided to dig into the Crab Benedict first, since it seemed more appropriate to have eggs before sandwiches.

Red Rock Crab, Poached Eggs, Béarnaise, Focaccia, Market Greens, Potatoes

Red Rock Crab, Poached Eggs, Béarnaise, Focaccia, Market Greens, Potatoes

The unusual twist to the Benedict was the use of focaccia as the bread part of the dish.  However, we both realized that the crab cake and perfectly poached egg with béarnaise sauce were even better on their own.  We removed the focaccia from the dish and dug in.  There’s nothing better then a perfectly poached eggs over decadent crab cakes.  I love the combination of the bernaise sauce on top of the crab cake and how the yolk also acts as the sauce on top of the cake.  The cake itself was so decadent, with big pieces of red rock crab encased in a crispy exterior.  The rich combinations worked really well together, but I definitely could not have eaten both pieces on my own, so I was really happy to have a partner in culinary crime.

Next, we turned our focus to the grilled cheese and sweet potatoes fries.

Brioche Grilled Cheese with Cheddar, Provolone and American, Sweet Potato Fries

Brioche Grilled Cheese with Cheddar, Provolone and American, Sweet Potato Fries

I think we made the fatal mistake of letting the grilled cheese sit out for too long while we focused on the eggs bene.  The cheese was hardly gooey at this point and just seemed to fall flat.  After a few bites, we struggled to finish this grilled cheese, leaving pieces on the plate.  The thick pieces of brioche became the star, while the cheese just faded into the backdrop.  I wish I had picked at this first to enjoy the grilled cheese at its best.

The sweet potatoes fries on the other hand were absolutely awesome.  Cut thick and lightly fried, they just melted in your mouth.  Super sweet and slightly salty with the perfect crunch, these sweet potato fries were awesome.

As the meal started to come to an end, and everyone became slightly rowdier, we all gathered around the table to enjoy the cake Liz’s friends had picked up to sing Happy Birthday.

Birthdayy Girl!

Birthdayy Girl!

It was the perfect ending to a fun, super LA drunk birthday brunch.  Food wise, it definitely wasn’t the best meal of the trip, but for the value and atmosphere, it filled every need.  I could easily see myself planning my own birthday party where, with lots of friends, enjoying the beautiful day.  Plus, the price was far more reasonable then many places in New York, adding the ultimate bang for you buck.  What can be better then a fun meal with great friends?

Happy Birthday Liz!



The Hudson – 1114 North Crescent Heights Boulevard – West Hollywood, CA

The Hudson
Price: $$
Location: West Hollywood, CA
Type: New American
Perfect For: Big Groups, Drunk Brunch
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Recommended
Favorite Dishes: Crab Benedict
Official Website

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