Outdoor/Rooftop Drinks

Spring has officially arrived, and one thing is on everyone’s mind: can we drink outside yet?  The majority of the time, the toughest part is deciding where to go, so I decided to make it a little easier for those who love the art of day drinking as much as I do! Plus Smorgasburg officially begins tomorrow (April 6th) at their new location, one block north to East River State Park. I cannot wait to venture back to Williamsburg for outdoor activities and a taste of the new vendors.

But in the meantime, let’s get excited for nights of rooftop drinking and beer garden explorations.

beekman 2

In Alphabetical Order:

230 Fifth (27th St & 5th Avenue) – While slightly overpriced and crawling with Europeans, it can’t be denied that this rooftop has one of the best views in the city.  It’s great for late night, casual drinks with a small group of friends.

79th Street Boat Basin (West 79th St & Henry Hudson Parkway) – Outdoor Bar & Café right on the Hudson River, overlooking the docks, which is perfect for cheap beers and quality bar food.

Beekman Beer Garden (North Side of Pier 17) – Every Saturday and Sunday, Beekman is filled with tons of people sipping on beers, pretending they’re at the beach with the sand that covers the entire spot.  The views of the Brooklyn Bridge are spectacular and it’s definitely worth the trip all the way downtown for a few drinks during the summer.

Berry Park (4 Berry St at North 14th St, Greenpoint, Brooklyn) – With unbelievable views of the Manhattan skyline, this spot has a backyard vibe as hipsters and beer enthusiasts come together for a block party beneath the umbrellas.

Frying Pan (Pier 66 Maritime, W. 26th St) – An old, docked boat floating on the Hudson turns into a total hot spot in the summer, where you sip Sangria and drink buckets upon buckets of Coronas.  Their happy hour specials make it slightly more reasonably priced and it’s always great if you can get a table for all of your friends.

Mé Bar (17 W. 32nd St.) – “So it’s this awesome rooftop bar in Midtown. Just go to the roof of the La Quinta Inn.” Located in the heart of Korea Town, the view of the Empire State Building is absurd, while you enjoy your beer in this spacious, simple, absurdly well-kept secret.

Mother Burger (329 W 49th St) – Lacking any glitz or glam, this spot smack dab in Hell’s Kitchen holds a special place in my heart.  Cheap drinks, messy food, and metal tables/chairs, it serves all of your needs for our door drinks on a budget.

Rare View (303 Lexington Ave at 37th S) – Slightly pricier then most, you pay more for higher quality drinks and a lounge type atmosphere, with DJs blasting music.  The views are breathtaking and the food is awesome.

Standard Beer Garden (848 Washington St) – Large outdoor patio underneath the Standard Hotel, where you won’t get a tan, but it’s the perfect spot on those really hot summer days for casual gigantic beers ($8) and some ping pong if you’re feeling gamey.

STK (26 Little West 12th St) – Easily the best view of the Hudson in the city, where watching the sunset is beyond breathtaking.  Drinks are expensive and served in plastic glasses, but for one drink at the perfect time, nothing beats this spot.

…come back for updates and more recommendations as the spring continues on and new, hidden outdoor spots are discovered one by one.


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