Baby Bo’s Cantina

Murray Hill is hardly known for its culinary scene. It’s a hub for young, post-grads who are willing to walk three to four avenues to the nearest subway. So when I was heading to brunch on 2nd and 34th, I was clearly reluctant. When I heard it was a Mexican restaurant serving brunch, I was even more nervous.

However, Baby Bo’s might change my mind about writing off all cuisine located in this area of Manhattan. The restaurant’s decor is straight out of a movie, with a variety of crosses in every size and material hanging on the walls. Christmas lights brighten the dark room, and the soft sounds of upbeat music plays in the background.

baby bo's

The menu is small, but varied. Before I could decide on a dish, the words “complimentary Bloody Mary or Mimosas” caught my eye. I am never one to turn down a free drink, ordering a Mimosas, while Dan ordered a Bloody.

While waiting for drinks, we contemplated what to order. I decided to have an omelette with spinach, cheese, mushrooms and a spicy, red sauce.


I’m not usually a huge fan of spicy breakfast food, but this walked the line of a with subtle heat from the chiles in the sauce. The eggs and cheese also mellowed out the omelette, which to my pleasant surprised, glowed a perfect yellow color. It lacked any brown tint, which is a clear sign of over cooked eggs. The hash browns, ordered well-done, were just okay, but the eggs really saved any doubts I had about brunch.

Dan was slightly more adventurous ordering chile relleno’s, which is stuffed peppers topped with scrambled eggs and spicy, creamy sauce.


Dan’s sauce had a unique sweet heat, easily stealing the show. I’m hardly a fan of scrambled eggs, but in this case, they acted as a vehicle to show off the chiles and the sauce. The dish was simple, but stuffed a lot of flavors into the chiles.

I was so pleasantly surprised with this meal. I’ve heard they have great dinner and just started trying their luck in the brunch game. In my opinion, they are definitely starting to do something right. There’s no reason Baby Bo’s should be half empty on a Saturday afternoon. Complimentary cocktails should draw crowds in own its own. But after doing some research online, I don’t think it’s well advertised that they’ve opened their doors earlier for brunch. You heard it here, it’s a great place to cure any hangover or eat delicious Mexican brunch and start your day off with a drink.

Baby Bo’s Cantina – 627 2nd Avenue – New York, NY

Baby Bo’s Cantina
Price: $$
Location: Murray Hill, NY
Type: Mexican
Perfect For: Big GroupsAuthentic DiningTake Out, Cheap Eats, Chronic Brunch
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Chile Relleno’s

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