Every dish you can think of seems to be getting some kind of gourmet face lift. Cupcakes, Mac & Cheese, and now Wraps. Wolfnights on the Lower East Side manages to convert a would be stoner’s paradise into a totally acceptable place to stop for a wrap on your way to work.

After Little Munster ran out of grilled cheese at 9pm (a travesty!) my friend, Vildana and I were at a loss of what to do. Standing on the corner of Rivington, she quickly exclaimed that she’d been wanting to try Wolfnights.  I had no idea what it was, but with my stomach grumbling, I was willing to try anything.


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The sign outside the tiny spot has glaring wolf eyes seemingly guarding the restaurant, giving off a false sense of intimidation. Inside the staff is extremely friendly, making the small restaurant warm and welcoming. It’s definitely more of a to-go spot, with two high top tables and three swings in the front window, which are there to entertain the drunk clientele at a place open until 5am on the weekends.

swings - wolfnights

Like I said earlier, the menu is designed for the stoner in all of us, adding potato chips or sweet potato chips to every wrap. Other funky ingredients like pineapple and fried pickles find its way into a variety of wraps. In addition, the wraps themselves are totally unique and baked in house; fig & pomegranate dough, chestnut & chili, date & pumpkin, just to name a few.

Vil is a vegetarian, but this hardly limited us in our options since we wanted to share. I ordered the Once Bitten Wrap, with goat cheese, beets, dill, sweet potato chips and garlic sauce on a fig and pomegranate wrap.   Talk about a combo.

Once Bitten - Goat Cheese, Beets, Sweet Potato Chips, Dill, Garlic Sauce, on Fig & Pomegranate Wrap

Once Bitten:
Goat Cheese, Beets, Sweet Potato Chips, Dill, Garlic Sauce, on Fig & Pomegranate Wrap

I already have a weakness for goat cheese and beets, and this dish totally catapulted the combination to a completely different level. The crunch of the sweet potato chips seemed to make the dish, followed by the freshness of the dill and lightly acidic goat cheese. The wrap itself was out of control, making me long for the ability to buy fig & pomegranate ones in at Fairway.

Vil decided to get the Mowgli (talk about a cute name for a wrap) which highlighted cauliflower mixed with pickled pineapple, bbq potato chips, shallot and sage aioli on fennel seed dough.

Pineapple is a tricky ingredient to work with, but this wrap would not have been the same without the addition of this pickled ingredient. Burst of juicy freshness were delicious, and I found myself hoping for a bit of pineapple in every bite.  The cauliflower acted as the ‘meat’ of the dish, rich in flavor and the dominant element.  BBQ chips gave off a sweet, smokiness and of course, a crunch only achieved by this addicted finger food.

We decided to have Cajun fries on the side, which were good but nothing too memorable.  Fries were the only things left on our bright orange paper plates by the time we were ready to leave.

Another thing to note; Wolfnights does serve beer, bottles and fans of the cheap stuff, once again hitting home the feeling of late nights in college.  I wish I lived on LES so I could have one of this delectable wraps often, they are addicting and so reasonably priced.  It’s a wonder that they haven’t yet expanded to the West or East Village, which serves as a hub for college students and intoxicated crowds looking for cheap eats, at places open until the crack of dawn.  But even in the daylight, without a single mind altering substance, I loved Wolfnights, the wraps, the concept, the atmosphere.



Wolfnights – 99 Rivington Street – New York, NY

Price: $
Location: Lower East Side, NY
Type: Mediterranean, Sandwiches
Perfect For: Take OutQuick BiteCheap Eats, Late Night
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Necessary or Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Once Bitten, Mowgli
Official Website

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