Birthday brunches are meant to be special. Something fun and different, at either a favorite spot or the place that has topped your go-to list for months.  For my 24th, I decided a trip to Williamsburg was in store. I’ve wanted to try Egg since last summer, but was constantly deterred by the two hour wait to get into this little brunch spot.  Luckily for me, they serve breakfast until 6pm everyday of the week. On a sunny Tuesday in June, my sister, Leigh and I beat the odds and were seated immediately.


We snagged one of the three outdoor tables, sitting in the shade, while still feeling a warm summer breeze.  The decor is super simple, with white paper place settings and containers of crayons placed on each table.  We started doodling immediately, neglecting the menu entirely until the waitress brought us back to reality.  (Doodles will not be shown since I am absolutely embarrassed about my drawing skills).

I started off my birthday right with a mimosa, opting for fresh orange juice instead of grapefruit.

Fresh Orange Juice Mimosa

Fresh Orange Juice Mimosa

Leigh and I clinked glasses in celebration. On top of the mimosa, fresh pulp formed a little crust around the rim, letting us know that this was truly fresh squeezed juice and not false advertising.

We then returned our focus to the menu.  I have a weakness for duck anything, especially at breakfast, so my decision was pretty easy. Duck Hash with poached eggs for me. And Leigh ordered the granola, her favorite.

While we waited for our food, we doodled more, sipped our mimosas and enjoyed each others company.  Shortly after, the food arrived.

Braised Duck Leg, Potatoes, Scallions, Poached Eggs

Braised Duck Leg, Potatoes, Scallions, Poached Eggs

The presentation was simple, but that hardly took away from the outstanding flavor of the dish.  Two beautifully poached eggs sat adjacent to the crispy pile of potatoes, duck and scallions.  I sliced into the first egg, allowing for the yolk to ooze into the hash, acting as a creamy dressing.  The potatoes were shredded and cooked in a skillet until golden brown.  The duck melted in my mouth, with a crisp outside from the rendering of the fat and a succulent interior.  It’s exactly how a dish of this nature should be prepared.  The addition of the scallions on top added a bite of spice and acidity, cutting through the richness of the potatoes, duck and egg.  I found myself essentially licking the plate clean, wishing I could eat breakfast like this every day.

Leigh loved her granola, which seemed to be homemade. It burst with flavor, especially as she added her beloved soy milk on top, giving it a grown-up cereal feel.

I now get why people wait hours and rave about Egg.  It’s adorable and super Brooklyn, with trendy, well-dressed people occupying all of the tables on a gorgeous Tuesday. If you ever have the opportunity to come on a weekday, I highly recommend it, since you’ll miss the line and enjoy the same great quality of breakfast food. Another thing to note, Egg is cash only, so be sure to stop at the ATM before your trip.

Another successful birthday brunch for the books, and another place to cross off my to-do list for NYC dining.  Egg provided the ultimate foodie start to age 24! Cheers!

me - eggXO,


Egg – 135 North 5th Street – Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Price: $$
Location: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Type: American (Traditional)
Perfect For: Chronic BrunchCasual MealOutdoor Seating
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Duck Hash
Notes: Cash Only
Official Website

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