Jeremy’s Ale House

Thirty-Two Ounce Styrofoam Buckets of Beer, Killer Wings, and Bras hanging from the ceilings makes for the ultimate dive bar.  Located right off South Street Seaport in Financial District, Jeremy’s Ale House attracts a diverse crowd for low priced drinks, scratch off lotto cards and serious grub.

I would have never known that this place existed, especially considering that I was down the block a few days earlier enjoying Smorgasbar.  My roommate’s friend’s birthday party brought us to discover this super fun spot.  We walked inside to an open room with plastic chairs, brick walls, sports on TV and a variety of autographed bras hanging from every rafter.

20130729-114805.jpgEveryone walked around the bar with two hands cupping the gigantic styrofoam goblets filled with beer.  For a dive bar, they have a surprisingly great selection of beers.  I ordered “the really big one” filled with Shock Top beer, and couldn’t believe my ears when the bartender asked for $9.  I didn’t think these kind of prices existed anywhere in Manhattan, especially at a spacious spot located a block away from South Street Seaport, tourist central.

To gage how big these beers are, Rachel, my 5′ 2″ best friend decided to model the glass.  It’s the size of her head.

Rach & One Big Beer

Rach & One Big Beer

After a few sips of beer, we collectively decided that we needed food.  Jeremy’s has an extensive menu, marked by all of the bar classics; fried seafood, nachos, wings, burgers, and even salads for those attempting to be healthy.  For us, it was a grubbin’ kind of a night. We ordered Cheesy Nachos and Teriyaki Wings with a side of Sriracha Chili Paste.

The older gentleman behind the bar shouts out each of the dishes when they are ready.  You best have your ears perked up to listen, because they don’t like yelling more then once or twice.

The nachos came out first with a gooey mound of bright, orange-yellow cheese coating the chips.

Cheesy Nachos

Cheesy Nachos

I haven’t had processed cheese nachos in a really long time.  And while I know this is awful for you and artificial, for some reason, in the dive bar setting, this hit the spot more then anything else would.  Sometimes you gotta grub bad.

The wings, though, were a completely different story. This is where Jeremy’s Ale House shines, and proves that their kitchen can actually cook up food worth coming back for.

Teriyaki Wings with Blue Cheese, Celery and side of Sriacha Chile Paste

Teriyaki Wings with Blue Cheese, Celery and side of Sriracha Chile Paste

The wings were sticky sweet and tangy from the teriyaki sauce.  The chicken was moist and as flavorful as any wings I’ve ever had.  On each table, there’s a big roll of paper towels to clean up since your fingers becoming super sticky and changes are some teriyaki sauce coats the sides of your mouth.  The waitress was totally spot on in recommending the sriracha chile paste on the side, which provides a great contrast to the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce.  Get these wings.

Jeremy’s Ale House is seriously the ultimate dive bar. It reminds me of something out of a movie, on the side of a interstate where the cool characters hang out after saving the world, or escaping jail.  Grab a couple of your closest friends on a night where you would normally stay in and check this Financial District Dive Bar out, you’ll have a great time.



Jeremy’s Ale House – 228 Front Street – New York, NY

Jeremy’s Ale House
Price: $
Location: Financial District, NY
Type: Pub
Perfect For: Neighborhood HangSports on TVCheap Eats
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Needed
Favorite Dishes: Teriyaki WIngs, Fried Calamari

Official Website

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