PS 450

Endless Mimosas, good food and great music creates a winning formula for drunk brunch.  This weekend ritual of drinking, dancing and eating has slowly taken over the city, allowing for those in their early to mid twenties to pretend like they’re back in college for a few hours.

For a friend’s birthday, a large group of us made our way to Murray Hill meeting at PS 450 on Park.  The place is packed Sunday afternoon, filled with most people smart enough to make a reservation in advance.  It fills up quickly, with their $29 all you can drink and entree brunch deal. The vibe at the restaurant is the right middle ground, steering away from the neon lights, techno-only atmosphere without crossing over into the boring realm.  A middle-aged DJ blasts great music throughout the restaurant, mixing today’s hits and old school R&B, creating an ideal, chill drunk brunch atmosphere.

If you’re ;looking for a darker, day-club type vibe, the back area of the restaurant mimics any New York City lounge with cushioned seats, dim lights and louder music.  Otherwise, the front of the restaurant looks like a normal bar turned restaurant during the day, with floor to ceiling windows, mirrors and televisions lining the wall showing football games.

Front of Restaurant

Front of Restaurant

Back of Restaurant

Back of Restaurant

Once our entire party arrived, we were seated in the front area, right next to the bright open doors, exposed to the light, fall breeze.  The waitress handed out menus, as we quickly declared that we’d all be participating in the endless drinks option for brunch.  Just a few short moments later, glasses filled with Bloody Mary’s and bottles of champagne, along with carafes of orange juice and sparkling peach juice arrived for us to create our own drinks.  This is a sign of a restaurant where the word “unlimited” is taken much more seriously, instead of many other drunk brunch places where the the fine print should read “the waitress will serve you when they’re not busy and determine the amount you can drink of the watered down cocktails.”

20130923-202617.jpgThe mimosas are pretty darn good, especially since you can make your own, which allows for the champagne to orange juice ratio to be spot on.   The drinks continue to flow throughout the meal, allowing for you to try other combinations or stick to straight champagne if you’re in that kind of a mood.

The food selection goes above and beyond the usual short lists found at endless brunch places.  Unusual versions of French Toast fills one side of the menu, like bacon, egg and cheese French Toast, and a s’mores version.  While I claim to be an adventurous eater, when it comes to breakfast, my weakness for Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict often causes me to look past any unusual combos.

Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Tomato, Whole Wheat English Muffin, Hollandaise Sauce, Home Fries

Smoked Salmon, Poached Eggs, Tomato, Whole Wheat English Muffin, Hollandaise Sauce, Home Fries

I always judge brunch restaurants by their ability to serve a perfectly poached egg, where the raw yolk oozes out of the cooked eggs whites created a rich sauce.  PS 450 served two wonderfully poached eggs, buried underneath a thick hollandaise sauce.  Bright pink slices of smoked salmon gives a salty, sweetness that I love.  The two unique elements to the eggs benedict were the use of a slice of juicy tomato on each half and the English Muffin.  Now, you’re probably wondering why the English muffin could be so weird.  Well, I’m 99% sure that it was a whole wheat, cinnamon bread, giving off a sweet and spicy element.  The flavor was slightly unusual, but surprisingly enjoyable at the exact same time.  Cinnamon or not, this was really good.

The other dish that immediately caught my eye on the menu were the Hangover Fries.  I think it would more appropriately be labeled “Stoner Fries,” but regardless I have to give serious props to PS 450 for actually creating this beautiful, delightful mess.

Hangover Fries -- Steak, Homemade Fries, Chopped Tomato, Bacon, Scallion,  Melted Cheddar-Jack, Poached Egg and Cheese Sauce

Hangover Fries — Steak, Homemade Fries, Chopped Tomato, Bacon, Scallion,
Melted Cheddar-Jack, Poached Egg and Cheese Sauce

No words. Bacon, Poached Eggs, Fries, Cheese, and more Cheese.  If you are hungover, or high, or just a hungry boy (or girl), get these. Order these. Love these.

After finishing up our meal, and finally paying our bill, the drunk group headed towards the back of the restaurant for a little for a bit of dancing while we finished our last sips.  The back has another open bar area, not blocked by any tables where groups gather after they’ve finished eating.

I am a really, really big fan of this place for drunk brunch.  Or just regular brunch for that matter. The food was actually really good and everyone was happy, especially with the endless supply of drinks and the reasonable priced experience.  PS 450 figured out the right formula to create an extremely fun, endless brunch without sacrificing the quality of food.



PS 450 – 450 Park Avenue South – New York, NY

PS 450
Price: $$
Location: PS 450, NY
Type: American
Perfect For: Big Groups, Drunk Brunch, Prix Fix
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Recommended
Favorite Dishes: Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict, Bacon Egg & Cheese French Toast, Hangover Fries
Official Website

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