Big Burger Bonanza of 2014

My best friend loves burgers. Loves. And after declaring he’d found the ultimate burger in Denver, I asked him about a few of the favorite spots in the city.  He hadn’t tried any on my list.  I decided this year would be the year of the burger.  Our quest to find the best burger in the city would take us across Manhattan to begin, and depending on our speed and success, we’ll cross over into Brooklyn and Queens.

Gimmicks can be tried (ie. Ramen Burger), but we’re hunting for the classic.  Patty, cheese, bun, maybe bacon.  Simplicity, but perfection.

Suggestions are more then welcome! Please help us on our great burger adventure.

  1. Corner Bistro
  2. JG Melon
  3. Minetta Tavern
  4. The Breslin (both Lamb & Classic Burger)
  5. Brindle Room
  6. Spotted Pig
  7. Burger Joint at The Parker Meridian
  8. Whitman’s (Juicy Lucy)
  9. Peter Luger’s (only available for Lunch)
  10. Korzo Haus
  11. Zaitzeff
  12. Royale
  13. Burger & Barrel
  14. Bare Burger
  15. Jimmy No. 43

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