Harefield Road

Inexpensive, yet delicious brunch where a single drink doesn’t quadruple the price of the bill is hard to come by. Many places offer a special inclusive drink on Sunday, but come on a Saturday and you’re out of luck.  Think you want more then the single watered down complimentary drink?  That will be another $10.

Luckily in Brooklyn, there are exceptions to the rule.  Places where your first drink and caffeinated beverage are included, and the next cocktail to cross your lips won’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Harefield Road, right off the Graham L stop is one of those places.

Of course, this cool spot is a terribly kept secret, as hordes of well-dressed Brooklyn-ites in trendy glasses and beanies flock to snag a table.  And like most places in the hipster borough, it’s cash only.

The owner of the restaurant asks for your name, remembering each individual with such a skill that he doesn’t even need to write down a wait list.  He directed us to the front of the bar, where a hot pot of coffee sits, available for no charge to all those waiting.  The front area is open, with a long bar and a few tables tucked on the sides.  It gives off an inviting vibe, while still making you think that it could be super  fun to go out here at night.  It’s usually a place can so perfectly capture both.

c/o Local Roots NYC

c/o Local Roots NYC

After the promised twenty-minute wait, we were lead towards the back to the slightly larger dining room section of the restaurant.  There’s an adjacent back porch blanketed with glistening, white snow.  I can only imagine the crowds that fill the back area during the Spring.

Rachel and I ordered our complimentary drinks, a mimosa for me, Bloody for her.

Spicy Bloody Mary & Mimosa

Spicy Bloody Mary & Mimosa

The Bloody Mary is extremely spicy, which is perfect for those who genuinely love this drink.  Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s included, Harefield Road takes their cocktails very seriously.

As for food, I opted to order their namesake dish, Harefield Eggs, otherwise known as Smoked Salmon Benedict.

Harefield Road - Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg, Hollandaise, Home Fries, Fresh Fruit

Harefield Road – Smoked Salmon, Poached Egg, Hollandaise, Home Fries, Fresh Fruit

Many times, these inclusive places fall short in the food department.  Harefield Road served two perfectly poached eggs, putting them a level above most.  We requested more hollandaise sauce, since both mine and Rachel’s eggs only received a dollop.  It’s an enjoyable egg dish, but lacks any type of pizazz you sometimes hope to expect.  But it’s a dish prepared right, everything is good and consistently good.  Sometimes, that’s just what you need.

All of this; smoked salmon eggs Benedict, a cocktail and a tea, for a grand total of, drum roll please… $12.  Yup. 12 buck-a-roos.  If this isn’t a steal, I hardly know what is.

My only regret with this post is sharing this incredible brunch spot with more people.  But go, I won’t be selfish.  I’ll wait a bit longer for my table.



Harefield Road – 769 Metropolitan Avenue – East Williamsburg, Brooklyn

*Cash Only*

Harefield Road
Price: $
Location: East Williamsburg, NY
Type: American (Traditional)
Perfect For: Cheap Eats, Drinks, Outdoor Seating, Drunk Brunch
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Accepted
Favorite Dishes: Harefield Eggs

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