Idle Hands

Bourbon. Beer. Rock. The slogan for Idle Hands, an insanely cool bar in Alphabet City couldn’t be more appropriate.  Dark wooden tables, tattooed bartenders in graphic t’s, and a rotating selection of beers to pair with their insanely long bourbon (whiskey) list.  This place doesn’t just serve up really legit brews and bourbons, they also make damn good burgers.


I discovered Idle Hands by chance, during my summer quest to “do more cool stuff.”  I scrolled through Course Horse, an online resource for events/classes taking place across the city.  When I saw one offered for a Beer & Burger tasting, I couldn’t say no.  The theme was Bob’s Burgers Special Board, and for those of you unfamiliar with the insanely hilarious show, I’ll explain.

A cult favorite, Bob’s Burger is a hilarious cartoon about a failing burger joint.  In the background of every episode, there is a  specials board with absurdly named burgers such as “Foot Feta-ish Burger,” “Pepper Don’t Preach Burger,” “Good Night and Good Leek Burger,” and so on.  They’re ridiculous, and kind of sound delicious.

Curated by Rev of Burger Conquest, and owner of Idle Hands, three of the Specials Board burgers were selected to appear on the menu for the night, paired with three beers of your choosing and a shot of whiskey.  Not a bad deal, right?


 The Selection of Bob Burger’s Specials of the WeekThe Selection:Served as sliders, each burger had its own unique flavor and flare.  And totally brought to life the cleverly named trio.

Left to Right: Chorizo Your Own Adventure -

Left to Right: Chorizo Your Own Adventure – Hit Me With Your Best Shallot – Shake Your HoneyMaker (picture c/o @IdleHands)

Each slider has a thick beef patty smothered with its individual toppings.  A slice of spicy and smoky chorizo for the Chorizo Your Own Adventure. Fried Shallots. Generous helping of honey mustard.  Unique slice of cheese on each one, melding the patty and toppings together.

If these specialty burgers signify anything, it’s that Idle Hands doesn’t just serve great booze but great food.  The kitchen knows how to elevate bar food, using high quality ingredients.  This place is real unbelievable, a neighborhood gem.  With huge plasma screen TVs playing the game upstairs, and bands rocking out downstairs, this place has everything you want in a bar. I’m extremely jealous of my friends who live in the area and can frequent here, but I’ll happily schlep on the F train or take the longer trek from Astor Place subway stop just for a few beers, the game and a ridiculously good burger. .



Idle Hands – 25 Avenue B – New  York, NY

Idle Hands
Price: $
Location: East Village, NY
Type: Pub
Perfect For: Neighborhood HangSports on TVCheap Eats
Open: Everyday
Reservations: Not Needed
Favorite Dishes: Burgers, Beer Tasting
Official Website

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