Egg Shop

Two self-proclaimed Egg addicts turned their obsession into profit, transforming a small Nolita space into a restaurant dedicated to their favorite food.  The incredible, edible and extremely versatile egg is showcased in a variety of dishes at Egg Shop.

The adorable restaurant fills the space with rustic furniture and egg inspired-decor.  Little egg shells filled with flowers, and egg shaped salt and pepper shakers.  And for some charming reason, it doesn’t feel gimmicky.  It feels warm, fun and bright with the mint green accents highlighting the light wood and white-washed coloring.

c/o NYOObserver

c/o NYOObserver

As someone who believes breakfast for dinner is always acceptable, I was excited to head downtown after work for some early evening grub.  Plus, eating eggs at dinnertime means it’s completely acceptable to enjoy a Bloody Mary while it’s dark out.

Bloody Mary’s come in six different variations, choose one of three liquors and one of three spice levels.  Bacon-salt rims are a must; especially with the classic Bloody with Tequila.

Classic Bloody Mary with Tequila, Bacon Salt Rim from Egg Shop

Classic Bloody Mary with Tequila, Bacon Salt Rim

Pieces of bacon flavor the classic Bloody Mary, which has the ideal consistency for the cocktail that can usually be too thick or far too thin.  A subtle kick of spice adds a mild, but bearable spice for those like myself who opted to order the classic to avoid the burning sensation from too much Tabasco or horseradish.  Straight up awesome Bloody Mary, and a reason to come back.

While you look over the menu, you can sip their flavored water placed on each table.  Wedges of Lemon and Mint float in the tall bottle, served complimentary to each table.  It’s little touches like this that sets a restaurant apart from the rest.

Every dish includes their namesake Eggs, but some dishes are less “breakfast” types then traditional dishes.  Cruisers, also known as the dishes served in bowls, offer an alternative to their whimsical breakfast sandwiches.  I decided to order the El Camino, a fancy take on a traditional Mexican breakfast, complete with Carnitas, Avocado and Crispy Tortilla.  And of course, a perfectly poached egg.

El Camino -- Poached Egg, Carnitas, Avocado, Tomato, Crispy Tortilla, Cilantro

El Camino — Poached Egg, Carnitas, Avocado, Tomato, Crispy Tortilla, Cilantro

The pulled pork makes the dish; succulent and sweet soaking up the running yolk which mixes to make a sauce.  The creamy avocado, and crunchy tortillas add textures, with the different temperatures playing off each other.

All of the other components enhance the pork.  You might be thinking, this is an egg place, why am I raving about the pork? And yes, it is, but the egg makes the pork better.  Egg Shop realizes the egg is a crucial component and now used in excess, but with the right amount of restraint.  This thoughtfulness in the dish is the reason why Egg Shop avoids crossing the line into gimmicky.  They know how to cook not only perfect eggs in every way shape and form, but also incredible proteins and delicately composed dishes.

Rachel ordered the traditional breakfast sandwich, their namesake “Egg Shop B.E.C.”

Egg Shop B.E.C. – Broke Yolk, Shelburne Cheddar, Blackforest Bacon, Tomato Jam, Fresh Pickled Jalapeno, Panini Roll

Egg Shop B.E.C. – Broke Yolk, Shelburne Cheddar, Blackforest Bacon, Tomato Jam, Fresh Pickled Jalapeno, Panini Roll

The broke  yolk seems to serve the purpose of making this dish sandwich perfect for Instagram, as all of us #FoodPorn fiends try and recreate that moment for our iPhones.  This was a perfectly good breakfast sandwich, but lacked the extra something you would expect to get from their namesake dish, and number 1 item on their menu.  I like to dream about my breakfast sandwiches (like this one from Court Street Grocers), and this was not a dream worthy dish.

On the side, we ordered the hashbrowns, which looked and tasted much more like latkes.

Hashbrowns with Chipotle Ketchup

Hashbrowns with Chipotle Ketchup

These were your average, run of the mill, thick latkes.  Although the ones I make for myself during Hanukkah are significantly better, and cost far less.  Priced at $4 for the side, I would expect to get a little more then two small sized pucks of potato and bang for your buck, especially considering the reasonably priced main dishes on the menu.  Bummer.

I love the concept of Egg Shop and wanted to love everything here.  I think for a new restaurant, the vibe and service is suberb, but some kinks need to be straightened out.  The staff is well aware of some issues with their menu, with slightly thin crowds during the peak dinner hours, as the chefs say theey plan to add a few more dinnertime egg inspired dishes to their menu.  I look forward to seeing this place grow and turn into a real city hot spot.  Remember that time two guys turned their love of meatballs into an empire?  That could happen with Eggs (Shop).  With a little love and care, they can ‘hatch’ into something delicious.



Egg Shop – 151 Elizabeth Street – New York, NY

Egg Shop
Price: $$
Location: Nolita, NY
Type: New American
Perfect For: Chronic Brunch, Late Night, Farm to Table
Open: Everyday
Reservations:  Not Available
Favorite Dishes: El Camino, Bloody Mary
 Official Website

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