Gibbston Valley

You’ve just survived a 20+ hour flight and the most frustrating car rental company in history, what are you going to do next? I’m going to DisneyWorld! 

Just kidding, you’re in New Zealand. You’re going to a winery.

But as one individual on TripAdvisor aptly described, Gibbston Valley, which is located somewhere along the stretch between Queenstown and Lake Wanaka is the DisneyLand of the area, complete with a tasting within a cave filled with lit up barrels and Instagram-able moments.



But just because it’s Disney-like doesn’t mean it can’t be informative and interesting. It just veered on the side of a little bit pricer for a small tasting due to the tour and show put on for the visitors.

As it turned out, the lure of this place for me was not the wine. Instead, it featured my other love — cheese. 

The property produces its own cheese with varieties ranging from an addictive goat’s milk gouda and a silky and slightly stinky blue cheese. On the sides, throughout the cheese shop are a variety of jams and honeys, something that I decided to mix with the cheese samples sitting on top of the display (you get creative after years of maneuvering samples). 

To fully enjoy the day, we ordered a cheese board (with fruit, spreads and a variety of crackers) sitting in the midst of the vineyard. 


Let’s be honest, is there truly anything more wonderful than that?

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