I had flashbacks to the best muffin of my life as I pulled a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip banana bread muffins out of the oven. Without skipping a beat, I sprung into action in an attempt to recreate the magic churned out by the tiny restaurant, Kitchen, in Providence, RI that I visited in August.

The magic, was a blueberry muffin. But this was no ordinary muffin. In addition to being freshly baked in house, they turned it up a notch by slicing it in half and toasted the cut side in butter until golden brown. In other words: perfection.


That’s the magic of Kitchen. It’s so simple. The menu on the wall has all the Americana favorites, but there’s an element of restraint that allows for the pure integrity of the ingredients to shine.

Especially the bacon.

There’s apparently a joke in town that the bacon is so good it’s like they slaughter the pigs out back. Vulgar, but hey, the analogy works.

I was so excited about the bacon that I attempted to over order it — even for their standards. I was promptly told that my bacon hash didn’t need a side of bacon. Oh well, you can’t fault a girl for trying.


I already have an affinity for hash, and regularly wake my sister (roommate) up to the sweet smell of bacon sizzling and potatoes crisping in the rendered fat. So I’m a tough critic. And man, oh man, this was rich and f*cking incredible.

Strips of bacon, like the kind you would find at a fancy steakhouse, are strewn throughout with charred onions and peppers, alongside crispy potatoes and two perfectly poached eggs — everything a breakfast hash should be, and then some. It was divine.

Simply put — if you’re willing to wait in line, this small spot in Providence, RI is worth the trip. And will provide a little bit of inspiration to improve your home-cooking game, especially when it comes to the muffins.


Kitchen • 94 Carpenter St, Providence, RI 02903

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