The Bistro at Edgewood

It’s shocking that South Lake Tahoe, the popular ski and tourist destination, would lack quality restaurants. When the Applebee’s is one of the top rated spots in the area, you know you’re in trouble.

Luckily, the newest hotel in town, Edgewood, has started to remedy the glaring food void. Three restaurants are located at this sprawling waterfront location; The Bistro, Edgewood Restaurant, and Brooks. And for my Dad’s birthday dinner, we found ourselves posted up at the Bistro, seated at an isolated high top table with a view of the open kitchen.


The food was spectacular; beginning with a lovely lightly seared ahi tuna over crispy rice and wagu carpaccio.

For main course, the star was venison loin — cooked to a beautiful medium rare, glistening on top of a bed of potatoes and topped with wild berry sauce. We also took advantage of the seasonal special, ordering the a prime rib served with traditional pairings of mashed potatoes and asparagus (which I promptly passed over to my mother, because that’s the one food I won’t eat) and a buttery, decadent cheddar-chive biscuit. The other daily addition was a white fish filet served over a delicate crab cake and a sweet and savory corn sauce.

The service was top notch, showcasing the highest levels of professionalism and knowledge about the menu. And in, perhaps, one of the most surprising and thoughtful acts I’ve ever seen out of a waitstaff, despite not ordering dessert (we were completely stuffed), she brought out a candle placed on a card over a glass, so we could still sing happy birthday to my dad. Sheer professionalism.

We ended up finding our way back to the Edgewood later in our stay, enjoying their luxurious spa, which I highly recommend, and helped ourselves to a second tasting of the ahi (It was equally delicious, if not more when eaten in a fluffy robe by the fire). The sports bar type restaurant, Brooks, also offers a happy hour and has TVs if you’re there hoping to catch the game and munch on decadent ribs and light salads.

And be sure to stop by around sunset. The view is breathtaking.

Edgewood • 100 Lake Parkway, Lake Tahoe, NV


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