Maison Pickle

My number one complaint about living on the Upper West Side is the lack of food options. Oh, and the lack of non-wine bars, but that’s a story for a different post.

Similar to me, Jacob’s Pickles joined the Upper West Side scene in late 2011. It filled a much needed void for the young foodie wanted to throw back a few beers with friends over good (and let’s be honest, Instagram-worthy) food. It felt like the one place I could offer to lure my friends uptown for brunch — their BLT Bloody Mary’s are worth the trip.

But as I began to get a little older, and my metabolism slower, the menu of gluttonous biscuits and gravy and fried things became less appealing. Enter, stage left: Maison Pickle.

It was a happy accident that my sister and I found Maison Pickle one Saturday. Well, happy for us, not so much for the owners of Jacob’s Pickles which suffered a fire earlier in the month and had to shut down temporarily. They redirected business to their sister restaurant on Broadway and serving a combined menu from the two establishments.


c/o New York Mag

The vibe feels like a chic French bistro — and the food is excellent, but slightly less decadent than Jacob’s. This, to me, reflected my transformation as an adult on the Upper West Side.

With my dad in town for brunch, my sister and I ventured back to try Maison Pickle without the influences of Jacob.

It did not disappoint.


The meal began with ‘pull apart bread,’ light and fluffy parker rolls drenched in butter and honey to the point where it felt a little naughty how good this could be. It took every ounce of willpower to not finish the entire batch before our meals arrived.

Chicken and waffles were given an Upper West Side transformation, using challah french toast as the waffle substitute. Loaded hash browns were actually a giant potato pancake topped with creme fraiche, caviar, lox and dill. And in hopes of avoiding an excessive amount of decadence, the meal was rounded out with a beet and feta salad.

Everything tasted better with each bite, boasting a surprising amount of complexity to dishes that on the surface don’t seem all that original. It’s a welcome addition to the Upper West Side — a chic spot that doesn’t seem to be trying too hard and offers smart, thoughtful food that is still full of surprises.

Maison Pickle • 2315 Broadway, New York, NY

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