Habana To-Go BK

Habana, ooh na-na. While I know that’s not the actually words, the song was stuck in my head as a enjoyed the best Cuban sandwich New York City has to offer. At Habana to Go BK, one of the five iterations of the Habana brand in the city (they also have locations in Tokyo, Malibu and New Orleans), good vibes run throughout. The brightly decorated walls plays off the lively music giving the restaurant an energy that I imagine mimics the streets of Havana.

At the counter, I ordered a Cuban Sandwich and a homemade lime-lemonade. I rarely order sweet beverages, but when you’re having something as savory as a Cuban sandwich, the tangy sweetness of the drink seemingly mellows everything out. The sandwich itself is balanced: crunchy hero bread fresh out of a panini press, fresh citrus-marinated roast pork, crispy ham, gooey swiss cheese and pickles bound together with a chipotle mayonnaise.


Simply put, it’s fantastic. And reasonably priced making it an incredible meal and worth plotting your return.

Habana To-Go BK • 690 Fulton Street • Brooklyn, NY

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