The Hart and the Hunter

I’ve been dreaming of the Hart and the Hunter biscuits since I first tasted them in April; the crunchy outside, buttery interior paired with sweet honey butter and at the time, a sweet potato jam. I ventured here during my last trip to LA after reading about the cute spot on Melrose in my favorite blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and was incredibly impressed.

So, when I found myself with no breakfast plans on a Saturday morning before a wedding in Beverly Hills, I immediately called a Lyft to take me back to the sunny spot. Surprisingly, a seat was available outside, as I sat with my book soaking in the California warmth. I duplicated my same order as my trip before, almost daring them to prove that it wasn’t as good as I remembered. But, instead, it was better.

Biscuits from The Hart and the Hunter

Paired with a strawberry-rhubarb jam this time, the same honey butter, and pimento cheese, I proudly devoured all three biscuits, taking my time to savor each and every bite. Switching back and forth between the condiments, I loved the mixture of the butter and jam the best, the sweet and salty playing off each other in perfect harmony.

To balance out the gluttony of the biscuits, I once again ordered their Kale Salad, which next to El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette (RIP) on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, might be my favorite salad in the world. It has every element; salty, crunchy, sweet, tangy. It’s phenomenal, and also served on adorable vintage-looking plates.

Kale Salad at The Hart and the Hunter

This, my friends, is what all salads should aspire to be. The combination of spiced pecans, apple, sheep’s cheese, dates and julienned kale tossed in a walnut vinaigrette makes it light, refreshing, and filling (well, that might have been the biscuits, but still) all at once. It’s a reminder of how a city like LA is able to make eating healthy and well interchangeable. Fresh, good ingredients are the star, and it’s not overly complicated. It’s just delicious.

So, next time you wake up dreaming of biscuits and find yourself in LA, make your way over to the Hart and the Hunter. It won’t disappoint.

The Hart and the Hunter • 7950 Melrose Avenue • Los Angeles, CA

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