I never ate chicken fingers as a kid.  Instead my favorite food would be tongue sandwiches with cole slaw, and my lunch box filled with sushi.  It’s pretty unusual for a kid from the suburbs. However my relationship and exposure to great food started young, with memories of afternoon tea in London dating back to age 7.

The style of New York Times and New York Magazine food reviews are the main source of my inspiration.  I find the likes of Ruth Reichl, Frank Bruni and Adam Platt to be fascinating.  But quickly I realized that these individuals didn’t fully relate to me.  I can’t afford to eat at Michelin Star restaurants like Daniel, Per Se or Le Bernardin on a whim.

The Political Foodie hopes to bring true insight to the young, ambitious NYC diner.  I hope to provide those, like myself living paycheck to paycheck, an outlet to take full advantage of the amazing restaurant scene in the city.  And of course, know what places are worth the splurge sometimes.

So come eat, talk politics, and have fun.

– Gena

Left: My favorite market baked potato, in Prague.
Right: Beer drinking in Munich, Germany



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  1. Thank you for the follow 🙂 There are lots of places in NY that I wanna try, so I look forward to seeing your input and finding out about more places through your blog!

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