Cheese & Wine



casellula cheese board; three cheeses and pairings with sliced french baguette

Known as a cheese and wine bar, in that order, Casellula’s selection far surpasses that of many restaurants I have seen in the city.  Over 60 variations of cheese, from around the world, take up the entire back side of the menu.  Their cheese expert selects some of the finest cheeses based on your liking, making the experience absolutely wonderful.

The in house cheese connoisseur delivers the board to your table, sharing her expertise about each and every piece she carefully selected.  The cheeses are accompanied by a unique side, there to enhance the flavor and complexity of the cheeses.  There are two different types of bread, whole wheat and French, to create different textures with the cheeses.

Both the cheese and wine selections are top notch in quality with a lovely atmosphere, which is both adorable and warm.  It’s the perfect place to try a variety of cheeses and enjoy a few glasses of wine with a great friend, significant other or alone with a book.

*Find my full review of Casellula here.


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