Certain books have inspired me in my decision towards a life in the culinary and political world.  I highly recommend the following.  Some are easy reads, some are a bit more intense.  But either way, they are wonderful.

The Man Who Ate Everything – Jeffrey Steingarten

Although it might seem a bit scientific and difficult to read at first, this book is one of the corner stones of culinary appreciation and understanding.  The former Vogue food editor, brings you into his wild world of seeking a real understanding of food.  In the first chapter, he forces himself to put aside his food aversions in order to really represent the masses reading Vogue.  I found myself constantly discussing the theories in the book with a changed perspective on the culinary world.

Comfort Me With Apples – Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl, the former NYTimes food critic, tells her journey from Berkeley Hippie to one of the most powerful culinary voices in America.  Her life story is dreamy, filled with romances, difficult life changes, and of course, lots and lots of food.  She shares recipes that marked certain periods in her life, reminding us all that food is so much more then something to eat.

Big Russ & Me – Tim Russert

Written about his relationship with his father, Tim Russert, anchor of Meet the Press and one of the best journalists to ever pass at a young age, tells the journey from young boy to political powerhouse.  His father’s inspiration helped him to get through trying times and steer him on a path to greatness.  This is a book that should be read by all and a wonderful book by one of the best NBC anchors of all time.  Florida, Florida, Florida.

Garlic & Sapphires – Ruth ReichlI

Ruth Reichl’s most recent book gives insight into the glamorous and not so glamorous world of the NYTimes  food critic.  After being recognized on a flight from LA to JFK, Ruth realized disguises would be necessary to conquer the New York culinary scene undetected.  Entering restaurants as herself, she described that “the raspberries got bigger.”  In order to solve this problem, she takes on a whole range of looks and persona’s  in hopes of giving the most accurate and insightful reviews into the best restaurants the city has to offer.  She had the power of the “stars,” as each up and coming chef hoped for her coveted four star review.


More Recommendations Coming Soon…


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